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Firefox Accounts GeoDB Repo for Geolocation based services Build Status: Travis

Provides a wrapper around node-maxmind for getting the location data in an easy-to-read format.

Getting started

Install the module by running npm install fxa-geodb --save. Then, include the module in your source file, like so:

var geoDb = require('fxa-geodb')();

You can also pass other options like the path to the database to the require statement, like so:

var geoDb = require('fxa-geodb')({
  dbPath: 'cities-db.mmdb' // Defaults to fxa-geodb/db/cities-db.mmdb

-- ### API The function returns a promise that may either resolve (on successful finding of location data) or reject (if either the ip was invalid, or location data could not be found). Call the function, like so:

  .then(function (location) {
    // success, resolved
    // location data is available here
  }, function (err) {
    // rejected :(
    // Uh-oh error

On successful resolution of the promise, the location object has the following data:

accuracy: 'accuracy-radius-in-km', // 5 (number)
city: 'human-readable-city-name', // Mountain View
continent: 'human-readable-continent-name', // North America
country: 'human-readable-country-name', // USA
latLong: {
    latitude: 'latitude-in-decimal', // 37.386 (number)
    longitude: 'longitude-in-decimal' // -122.0838 (number)
state: 'human-readable-state-name', // Victoria
stateCode: 'human-readable-state-code', // VIC
timeZone: 'IANA-compatible-timezone', // America/Los_Angeles 

A working example is provided in the examples directory.



Mocha Tests are located in the test subdirectory. To run the tests, call npm test.

-- ### Code Coverage Code coverage is provided with Istanbul, to run coverage, call npm run-script cover

-- ### Updating A Cron job is provided in lib/maxmind-db-downloader, that can be configured and run like so:

  var maxmindDbDownloader = new MaxmindDbDownloader();
  var targetDirPath = maxmindDbDownloader.createTargetDir('db-name');
  var downloadPromiseFunctions = maxmindDbDownloader.setupDownloadList(
    path.join(__dirname, '..','path-to-sources-file'),
  maxmindDbDownloader.setupAutoUpdate('30 30 1 * * 3', downloadPromiseFunctions);

By default, the cron job runs every week on Wednesday at 01:30:30 (UTC -7) and updates the Geodata-DB from Maxmind.

-- ### Getting involved

Interested in contributing to the development of Firefox Accounts GeoDB repo? Great! Head over to the #fxa channel on with questions, or jump ahead and fix any of the issues we have.

Please review and understand the Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines before contributing to this project. Also, following the [commit guidelines] ( is greatly appreciated.

-- ### Submitting bugs You can file issues here on GitHub. Please try to include as much information as you can and under what conditions you saw the issue.

-- ### License