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    Generate HTML files? Use them for documentation? Great, then this tool might be for you.

    Here are a set of tests to validate your HTML output. These tests check if your image references are legitimate, if they have alt tags, if your internal links are working, and so on. It's intended to be an all-in-one checker for your documentation output.


    Simple: install from npm:

    npm install functional-docs

    Then call a single function, runTests():

    var funcDoc = require('functional-docs');
    funcDoc.runTests([ './files'], {stopOnFail: false, ext: ".html"}, function(err) {

    runTests() takes three parameters:

    • An array of directories, with files you want to test
    • An object specifying various ways to run the tests. Though some of the properties are optional, the parameter itself is not:
      • stopOnFail indicates if you want the testing to stop once a failure is found; defaults to false
      • ext indicates the extension of the files you want to test; defaults to ".html"
      • mapPrefix: if images start with a /, the test assumes it's at ./. This is mostly for routing compatability with express.
      • remap: an object that contains two properties, links and `images, which define rerouting rules. This is mostly for routing compatability with express. For example:
      remap: {
              links: {
                  "/path": __dirname + "/out/path", 
                  "/path1/path2": __dirname + "/out/path1/path2", 
              images: {}
      In this context, your source files would have an href to "/path" and "/path1/path2". Express will add routes to these paths (because you defined them). Meanwhile, the tester will actually look for the files in dirname + "/out/path". The tester will not change the content of your HTML files; it'll only resolve links it finds as "/path" as if they referred to dirname + "/out/path".
      • safeWords is an array of strings you want the spellchecker to ignore
      • skipSpelling skips the spelling check entirely
    • A callback function to execute upon completion

    What's Tested?

    • Whether all your images have alt tags
    • Whether your internal image references are not broken
    • Whether your internal links are not broken; this includes hash references (#linkToMe)
    • Case-sensitivity for your files and images
    • Spelling and grammer issues

    Pre- and Post Tests?

    If you think about it, some tests can actually be run before you compile into HTML. For example, if I was writing documentation in Markdown (which I do), I could just check to see if ![] was erronously references. I've grouped this distinction in folders marked pre and post.

    Then I started thinking that users might write their docs in reStructuredText, AsciiDoc, Pandoc, or some other format, so I decided to just focus right now on the rendered HTML output, and concentrate on catching markup languages if the time ever allows.




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