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Fuel Auth (for Node.js) Build Status

This repo used to be located at


This library allows users to create authentication clients for Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget) APIs.

Use our REST and SOAP clients to interact with these APIs at a low-level.

This library is compatible with almost all versions of Node. You can check our Travis build for more details.

Node 0.8.x

As of v2, this library will no longer support node v0.8.x. At the moment (v2 release), this library works with node versions 0.8.x but the tests will fail due to a dev dependency being incompatible with this node version.

Please note, full support for v0.8.x will likely be dropped in the near future.


The docs are located on our wiki. Please take a look, and let us know if anything is missing.


We welcome all contributions and issues! There's only one way to make this better, and that's by using it. If you would like to contribute, please checkout our guidelines!