Ftp a folder from your local disk to an ftp destination. Does not delete from destination directory. Derived from grunt-ftp-deploy


Ftp a folder from your local disk to a remote ftp destination. Does not delete from destination directory.

A Node.js package.

The most basic usage (stops uploading when an error occurs):

var FtpDeploy = require('ftp-deploy');
var ftpDeploy = new FtpDeploy();
var config = {
    username: "username",
    password: "password", // optional, prompted if none given 
    host: "ftp.someserver.com",
    port: 21,
    localRoot: __dirname + "/local-folder",
    remoteRoot: "/public_html/remote-folder/",
    exclude: ['.git', '.idea', 'tmp/*']
ftpDeploy.deploy(config, function(err) {
    if (err) console.log(err)
    else console.log('finished');

To be notified of what ftpDeploy is doing:

ftpDeploy.on('uploading', function(data) {
    data.totalFileCount;       // total file count being transferred
    data.transferredFileCount; // number of files transferred
    data.percentComplete;      // percent as a number 1 - 100
    data.filename;             // partial path with filename being uploaded
ftpDeploy.on('uploaded', function(data) {
    console.log(data);         // same data as uploading event

To continue uploading files even if a file upload fails:

config.continueOnError = true;
ftpDeploy.deploy(config, function(err) {
    if (err) console.log(err) // error authenticating or creating/traversing directory
    else console.log('finished');
ftpDeploy.on('upload-error', function (data) {
    console.log(data.err); // data will also include filename, relativePath, and other goodies
  • 1.0.0

    • refactored for (hopefully) easier to understand code
    • brought jsftp to 1.3.x, async to 0.9.x
    • removed relative path from uploading/uploaded event data. (filename contains file name and partial path)
  • 0.7.x

    • added prompting user for FTP password if none given in config
  • 0.6.x

    • added optional continueOnError config. When set to true, ftp-deploy continues to upload files after a failed put. When not specified or set to false, the .deploy() callback is called immediately after a failed put.
    • added upload-error event
    • removed stopOnError config setting in preference of continueOnError
  • 0.5.x

    • upgraded jsftp from 0.6.x to 1.2.x
    • Added stopOnError to configuration.
    • added error event.
    • deprecated paralleluploads config setting (no longer supported by jsftp)
  • 0.4.x

    • uploading and uploaded events emit data instead of a relative file path.
  • 0.3.x

    • New config setting exclude can be used to exclude folders/files from the ftp deploy process
  • 0.2.x

    • Requiring ftp-deploy returns the FtpDeploy object, and you will need to instantiate is separately on your own.
    • New config setting paralleluploads: sets number of parallelUploads (within a specific folder)
    • ftpDeploy instance has properties transferred and total. Useful for determining progress based on file count.
npm install ftp-deploy