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    ftp-core Build Status

    A minimal, hopefully unopinionated implementation of FTP in JavaScript.

    This is a work-in-progress.

    The goal is to provide the most minimum (but complete) framework needed to have a functional FTP object.

    Commands like USER and CWD are part of the "core" FTP specs (i.e., see RFC 959), but even they are not implemented in the core.

    Each FTP command--also called an "extension"--is a distinct npm module, and you call the different modules to extend this core module, e.g. something like this:

    var Ftp = require('ftp-core')
    var FtpUser = require('ftp-extension-user')
    var Socket = require('ftp-normal-sockets')
    var myFtp = new Ftp()
    	.extend(Socket({ listen: 21 }))

    The goal

    The goal with this core, and with the main extensions developed to make it useful, is this:

    1. Keep it simple enough (or "well abstracted", possibly) so that a developer can read through each module to see what the FTP RFC actually requires, programmatically.
    2. Don't require an FS for the backend. (Should be able to easily use something like levelup or even a browser's local storage.)
    3. Implementing existing or new FTP extensions should be easy and sensible. Adding an extension should be as easy as making a new levelup extension, or even easier.
    4. Don't require OS/node socket literals. (Should be able to create a thin wrapper for the socket implementation that uses the OS/node sockets, or one that uses WebSockets, or anything else.)

    Road map thingy

    • Get a primary group of extensions created and thoroughly tested, so that we can see what parts of the internal API are missing.
    • The goal of these primary extensions is whatever is needed to create a functional anonymous FTP server. User authentication is not a primary extension.
    • For each of the primary extensions, create them as npm modules, and make two kinds of tests:
      1. tests that are generic, and re-usable in any other module, to see if the extension is RFC compliant
      2. tests that functionally validate the actual extension

    According to RFC 5797 (which I understand to have superseded RFC 959) the "base FTP commands" are:

    • Mandatory:
      • ABOR
      • ACCT
      • ALLO
      • APPE
      • CWD
      • DELE
      • HELP
      • LIST
      • MODE
      • NLST
      • NOOP
      • PASS
      • PASV
      • PORT
      • QUIT
      • REIN
      • REST
      • RETR
      • RNFR
      • RNTO
      • SITE
      • STAT
      • STOR
      • STRU
      • TYPE
      • USER
    • Optional:
      • CDUP
      • MKD
      • PWD
      • RMD
      • SMNT
      • STOU
      • SYST

    However, the primary extensions are, as I see them:

    • USER
    • FEAT
    • CWD
    • PWD
    • LIST / MLSD / MLST (are these all the same?)
    • PASV / EPSV / PORT (LPSV and LPRT are obsolete, according to RFC 5797)
    • NOOP
    • QUIT
    • RETR
    • REST
    • SIZE
    • STAT
    • TYPE

    As soon as all that is done, the next goal would be getting AUTH working.

    Getting AUTH TLS / AUTH SSH working and tested is going to be rather tricky, I feel, but hopefully it can be abstracted away enough to be easy-ish...

    It would probably also be good to make a very simple USER/PASS extension that uses levelup for the user database? I don't personally have a use for it, but I imagine others might find it useful.

    Get involved?

    you could make issues, if you think of something that is missing

    or you could contribute code, if you've got some free time

    I'm pretty easy to work with, and I like community!

    Developer notes

    It is up to the developer to generate valid FTP strings as responses inside extensions. If you are doing normal string responses, you can use something like ftp-generate-response to make RFC compliant responses.

    Internally, we may make use of something like ftp-validate-response to verify that all response strings are RFC compliant. This isn't being done now, but it might be added in the future?





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