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CLI tool to create a documentation page from an FSL machine, suitable for documentation generators like TypeDoc, Swagger, ESDoc, or unix man

npm install --save fsl_gen_docpage
fsl_gen_docpage -i ./src/fsl/**/*.fsl -f typedoc -P -S -I -d ./docs/docs/machines



Quick start


  • take a file called tcp_ip.fsl,
    • -i tcp_ip.fsl
  • render it formatted for typedoc,
    • -f typedoc
  • output under the filename tcp_ip.md,
    • -o tcp_ip.md
  • generate a PNG image under the name tcp_ip.fsl.png,
    • -P
  • generate an SVG image under the name tcp_ip.fsl.svg,
    • -S
  • make the machine interactive in a browser
    • -I
  • make the machine to put the documentation file, image file, CSS, and javascript file into a directory called ./docs/docs/machines,
    • -d ./docs/docs/machines

issue the following command:

fsl_gen_docpage -i tcp_ip.fsl -f typedoc -o tcp_ip.md -P -S -I -d ./docs/docs/machines

In this configuration, fsl_gen_docpage will throw one markdown file, one PNG, one SVG, one javascript file, and one CSS file into the nominated directory.

Globs are also valid, so you might see something like

fsl_gen_docpage -i ./src/fsl/**/*.fsl -f typedoc -P -S -I -d docs/docs/machines

In this configuration, fsl_gen_docpage will throw a bunch of markdown files, the same number of PNGs, and of SVGs, but still just one javascript file and one CSS file into the same nominated directory.

Note that with the output name omitted, the formatting plugin will choose the output name; the typedoc plugin adds .md onto the existing filename, so will write to tcp_ip.fsl.md and so forth.

When using ** in a glob, fsl_gen_docpage will honor the directory structure it finds. So, if your ./src/fsl in this example has subdirectories, so will the output directories. The single JS and single CSS will be at the named output directory and referenced with .. from the generated content.

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