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FS Toolbox

Tool-library for working with files. Works with node version 5 and above.


Install by writing in your terminal:

npm install fs-toolbox --save

Once it has been installed, it can be used by writing this line of JavaScript:

let fsbox = require ( 'fs-toolbox')

Design Concept

File system contains two types of items: documents(files) and containers(folders). They are very different and there is no reason to mix them together. With this library you can do:

  • Scan for all files in specified folders (many folder);
  • Scan for folders inside specified folder (many folders);
  • Result of scan is array with path to the files or folders;
  • Apply filters (keep/remove) to the cache list of files and folders;
  • Delete many files with just one operation;
  • Create deep folders;

API Interface

Here is the list of methods and а short description for each:


// * CACHE 
    set                : 'Change lib options or set cache'
  , get                : 'Return cache or specified option'
  , fileCacheAs        : 'Move file cache to read/write cache'
  , resetCache         : 'Reset cache for files and folders'
  , clearCache         : '...as resetCache'
  , scan               : 'Collect file paths. Writes result to cache'
  , scanFolder         : 'Collect sub-folder paths. Writes result to cache'
  , scanFolders        : '...as scanFolder'
  , keep               : 'Keep specified items. Uses cache'
  , keepFolder         : 'Keep only folders with specific string in the path. Uses cache.'
  , keepFolders        : '...as KeepFolder'
  , keepFolderSteps    : 'Execute sequence of reduceFolder'
  , keepFoldersSteps   : '...as keepFolderSteps'
  , remove             : 'Remove files specified. Uses cache.'
  , removeFolder       : 'Remove folders specified. Uses cache.'
  , removeFolders      : '...as removeFolder'
  // * FILE/FOLDER MANIPULATION - cache 'file'/'read' and 'folder'
  , delete             : 'Delete file(s) specified.'
  , deleteFolder       : 'Delete folder(s). Folder should not contain files.'
  , deleteFolders      : '...as deleteFolders'
  , empty              : 'Delete just files. Empty will not delete sub-folders.'
  , emptyFolder        : 'Delete all files and sub-folders.'
  , emptyFolders       : '...as emptyFolder'
  , read               : 'Read files and apply function to content'
  // * FILE MANIPULATION   - only cache 'write'
  , write              :  'Assert folder existnace and write file'
  // * HELPERS
  , makeFolder         :  'Create a folder'
  , decode             :  'Decode buffer to 'utf8' string'
  , encode             :  'Encode 'utf8' string to buffer.'




Result of searching for 'folders' and 'files' will be written in the cache. Example: This code will scan folder '/test' for files and result will be available in cache. Callback function also will have result as 'r' argument.

  fsbox.scan ( '/test', (err,r) => {
  								     // err - if error = true, else false
  								     // r - contain cache result

   // Scan many folders at once
   fsbox.scan ( ['/test','/other'], (err,r) => {
            // r will be an array with file paths from both folders.
			// example : ['/test/one.txt','/test/two.txt', '/other/three.txt' ]

Access to the cache is also available via 'get' and 'set' methods.

 fsbox.set ( 'files', 'one.txt' ) // will add 'one.txt' to array of cache.files
 fsbox.set ( 'files', ['two.txt', 'three.txt'] ) // will add both files to cache.files

 fsbox.get ( 'files' ) 
 // will return array - [ 'one.txt', 'two.txt', 'three.txt' ]

Clean cache content by:

     // clean all cache values
     fsbox.resetCache ()

     // clean specific cache
     fsbox.resetCache ( 'files' )

List Manipulations

Collected list of items in cache could be manipulated. You can remove or keep items. Example: Scan folder '/test' that have files one.txt,animation.gif,other.txt. Collect just text files.

fsbox.keep ( 'txt', { by:'extension'}, (err,r) => {
													// r contain ['one.txt','other.txt']

Other aproach could be to remove 'gif' files.

fsbox.remove ( 'gif', {by:'extension'}, (err,r) => {
                                                     // r contain ['one.txt','other.txt']

In 'by' criteria are available extension,filename,name,prefix,suffix,path.

  • Extension is for file extension;
  • filename is full filename including extension;
  • name is just filename without extension;
  • path is for path before filename;

For more information browse folder 'test'. Find a lot of examples for every function and case.

Writing Files

Collect the list(array) of file paths and set them as 'file' cache. Then set cache.files for write. This command will move cache.files in cache.write. After operation cache.files will be empty and ready to collect other information. Method 'write' will convert content to buffer with 'binary' encoding.

let writeFiles = [ 'a.txt', 'b.txt', 'c.txt' ];
let content = [ 'text for file a', 'text for file b', 'text for file c' ]

fsbox.set ( 'files', writeFiles )
fsbox.fileCacheAs ( 'write' ) // if you want to use files as 'write' list
fsbox.write ( content, () => console.log ('Files are written')   )

It's very important to know that callback of write method will be triggered once when all writes are completed.

Attention : Is is risky to try send JSON and HTML directly to write. Binary encoding will transform incorrectly some of the symbols. Is much safe to use 'encode' function for all 'utf8' based files. Function 'encode' can receive also JS object. JS object will be converted to JSON first. Then to buffer.

 // variable 'content' is array of objects. 
 // Will be converted to array of buffers.
 let encodedContent = content.map ( txt => fsbox.encode (txt) )

Here is example how to read and write files.

// variable 'in' folder content [ 'in/a.txt', 'in/b.txt','in/c.txt' ]
   let out = in.map ( item => item.replace ('in','out')   )
// variable 'out' have content [ 'out/a.txt', 'out/b.txt','out/c.txt' ]

fsbox.set ('files', out )
fsbox.fileCacheAs ( 'write' )
fsbox.set ( 'files', in )

fsbox.read  ( (content,i) => 
fsbox.write (  content, {number:i}, (err,r) => console.log ( 'Files are written' )

// callback function for read is on every read. 
// Callback function of write is once when everything is written.

There is option to move variable 'in' in cache.read by using fsbox.fileCacheAs('read') but is not mandatory. If cache.read is not set will use cache.files.


Folder 'test' can provide you information about how to use this library. Over 60 test examples are on your disposal.

Known bugs

(Nothing yet)

Upgrade notes

2.x - 3.x

Until now fs-toolbox was a tool for working with 'utf8' encoded files like '.html', '.css', '.js', '.txt', etc. With version 3 this limitation was eliminated.

Changes are:

  • Content of files is coming as buffer object. Edit string content wil need decoding. Example:
fsbox.read ( (content,i) => {
		//  'content' will contain buffer object. You need to decode it.
		let textContent = fsbox.decode ( content )
		console.log ( textContent ) 

Conversion of 'string' to 'buffer' object is automated inside method 'write' and programmers don't have to think about it.

  • Method 'write' can not use 'cache.files' directly anymore. The method 'write' is potentially harmful. That's why 'cache.files' should be specified as 'for write' imperatively:
 fsbox.set ( 'files', fileList )
 fsbox.fileCacheAs ( 'write' ) // declare that file list is for writing
 fsbox.write ( content, callbackFunction )

These are all code changes needed for this upgrade. / from v.2.x to v.3.x. /

1.x - 2.x

Renaming of some methods.

  • was 'reduce', now is 'keep'
  • was 'reduceFolder', now is 'keepFolder'
  • was 'reduceFolder', now is 'keepFolder'
  • was 'reduceFolderSteps', now is 'keepFolderSteps'
  • was 'filter', now is 'remove'
  • was 'filterFolder', now is 'removeFolder'

These are all code changes to consider for this upgrade. / from v.1.x to v.2.x. /

Release History

3.1.8 ( 2024.02.04 )

  • [x] Dependency update. Ask-for-promise@2.0.3

3.1.7 ( 2021.03.02 )

  • [x] Dependency update;

3.1.4 (2017.12.29)

  • [x] Dependency update;
  • [x] Test coverage tools;
  • [x] Project structure refactoring;

3.1.3 (2017.04.12)

  • [x] Buffer creation with buffer.from(). new Buffer() is deprecated;
  • [x] Dependency update;


  • [x] Dependency update;


  • [x] Hot fix for method 'encode'. Working with JS objects;


  • [x] Method 'encode' was added. Encode 'utf8' content before write it;
  • [x] Method 'encode' could receive as a content JS object;
  • [x] Use method 'encode' before send JSON and HTML content to 'write';
  • [ ] Error in method 'encode' - working with JS objects;

3.0.0 (2016-09-30)

  • [x] Method 'write' works with any kind file-encoding;
  • [x] Method 'write' accept buffer objects;
  • [x] Method 'write' has auto-conversion to buffer. Uses 'binary' for encoding.
  • [ ] Binary encoding that method 'write' provide is not works fine with '.json' and '.html';
  • ! Upgrade to 3.1.x and use method 'encode' for all 'utf8' based content;
  • [x] Documentation update;
  • [x] Refactoring: function 'read' returns buffer object
  • [x] Method 'resetCache' was extended. Now reset of only specific cache is available;
  • [x] Method 'decode' was added. Convert buffer type object to 'utf8' string if needed;
  • [x] Refactoring: Function 'write' works with buffer objects and 'utf8' strings;
  • [x] Preventing crash of method 'set' on: fsbox.set('files', undefined);
  • [x] Tests for method 'decode' were added;
  • [x] All tests methods were updated according changes;
  • [x] Upgrade notes are available.

2.1.1 (2016-06-05)

  • [x] Works only with 'utf8' encoded files;
  • [x] Remove and keep methods have new 'by' option 'path'. Path contains full path of the file;
  • [x] Tests for method 'remove' and 'keep' by 'path' were added;
  • [ ] Crash of method 'set' on: fsbox.set('files', undefined);

2.1.0 (2016-04-24)

  • [x] Works only with 'utf8' encoded files;
  • [x] Documentation update;
  • [x] Method 'read' was added;
  • [x] Tests for method 'read' were added;
  • [ ] Crash of method 'set' on: fsbox.set('files', undefined);

2.0.0 (2016-04-21)

  • [x] Works only with 'utf8' encoded files;
  • [x] Initial documentation;
  • [x] Refactoring: function 'reduce' was renamed to 'keep';
  • [x] Refactoring: function 'reduceFolder' was renamed to 'keepFolder';
  • [x] Refactoring: function 'reduceFolderSteps' was renamed to 'keepFolderSteps';
  • [x] Refactoring: function 'filter' was renamed to 'remove';
  • [x] Refactoring: function 'filterFolder' was renamed to 'removeFolder';
  • [ ] Crash of method 'set' on: fsbox.set('files', undefined);

1.0.2 (2016-03-12)

  • [x] Node module;
  • [x] Test package;
  • [x] Works only with 'utf8' encoded files;
  • [ ] Documentation;


'fs-toolbox' was created by Peter Naydenov.


'fs-toolbox' is released under the MIT License.



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