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A cli wrapper for node-fs-extra. I needed simple file system operations like copy, remove, clean etc. that I can use from the terminal or, via npm scripts. While there are many Nodejs utils that provide this, all are meant to be used as part of your app, and does not have a CLI interface.

From all of the packages I looked at fs-extra is definitely the best of the bunch so, I decided to write a CLI wrapper for it.

Note: Not all functions are mapped yet so, please feel free to open an issue if there is something you would like supported.


npm install fs-extra-cli


For all functions there are two usage options. The first is to simply execute the command and follow the prompts. The second option is to specify the required arguments via command line parameters.

Copy files or folders

From the fs-extra repo:

"Copy a file or directory. The directory can have contents. Like cp -r."

Follow the prompts

fsys task=copy

Power user style

fsys task=copy --filesFolders=one,two,three --destination=folder --clobber='false' --preserveTimestamps='false'

Creating directories

From the fs-extra repo:

"Creates a directory. If the parent hierarchy doesn't exist, it's created. Like mkdir -p."

Follow the prompts

fsys task=mkdir

Power user style

fsys task=mkdir --dir=some/folder

Cleaning directories

From the fs-extra repo:

"Ensures that a directory is empty. Deletes directory contents if the directory is not empty. If the directory does not exist, it is created. The directory itself is not deleted."

Follow the prompts

fsys task=emptyDir

Power user style

fsys task=emptyDir --dir=some/folder

Deleting directories

From the fs-extra repo:

"Removes a file or directory. The directory can have contents. Like rm -rf."

Follow the prompts

fsys task=remove

Power user style

fsys task=remove --fileFolder=some/folder



npm i fs-extra-cli

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