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Lessons/examples for creative coding, rapid prototyping, and front-end development with npm in JS. It demonstrates the strengths of modern practices like modularity, promises, functional programming, browserify, Node, ES6, etc.

This is still a work in progress. More goodies coming soon.

live demos

You can run any of the demos here:

Some of the demos will also be published to RequireBin so you can easily jump in and edit them.

building demos

To run any of the demos from source:

  1. git clone
  2. cd frontend-npm-goodies
  3. npm install

Now you can either bundle all of the files with gulp, or you can run it in dev (watch) mode on a single file like so:

gulp watch --demo canvas-collision

Where the format is [folder]-[filename]. Then you can open localhost:8000/canvas-collision.html to see it in action. Examples:

gulp watch --demo image-animation
gulp watch --demo image-palette
gulp watch --demo image-preloader
gulp watch --demo image-preloader-es6
gulp watch --demo canvas-collision


MIT, see for details.