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FreshREPL is a drop-in replacement for the default node REPL that:

  • speaks babel / es6 by default
  • automatically resolves / displays output from promise calls
  • keeps history (at the time I wrote this, babel-node did not)
  • supports hot reloading
  • comes with built in display helpers like:
    • figlet for ascii art
    • emoji with node-emoji
    • tables with cli-table
    • spinners

Customize it

You can customize it through a .freshrepl file in process.cwd(). It can be written in es6.

// Passed an instance of the CLI in case you wish to display anything 
// Passed The options and context variables that will be used to create the server / initialize context 
export const before = (cli, options, context) => ({ })
// Passed when the server is initialized, and any time the reset event gets called (the repl .clear command) 
export const after = (serverInstance, options, context) => ({})


  • Webpack compiler integration