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Automatically run build scripts and refresh browsers while editing

Build Status # Freshen - Update browser(s) while editing

This program monitors files for changes, runs build scripts and tells browsers to reload files when changes are made. This makes it possible to create a whole site from your editor without having to reload the browser.

This is done by fs.watching files and reporting changes to the browser through a connection.


Assuming you have a recent version of node installed you can get started by running the following commands:

    $ npm install -g freshen
    $ cd location/of/my/static/site
    $ freshen
    [2012-10-24T22:34:05] Creating .freshenrc from /some/path/node-freshen/freshenrc-example
    [2012-10-24T22:34:05] Listening to http://localhost:5005

Point your browser at http://localhost:5005 and start editing the files that make up the site. You will probably also want to change the .freshenrc file.


The directory being monitored should contain a .freshenrc file that configures when build scripts should be run or when the browser should reload files. It is created from the default configuration if it does not exist.

The default configuration file looks like this:

    # Example of a .freshenrc configuration file 
    # Place a file like this in the root of the directory you wish freshen to serve 
    # Send at most 1 message to browsers in this amount of milliseconds 
    # This is useful to avoid sending a lot of seperate requests to load 
    # files to browsers when the build process changes many files 
    delay: 150
    # Should terminal logging be in color? 
    color: true
    # All directories below the directory that freshen is started in will be 
    # watched. Use this option to set a regular expression matching directories that 
    # should not be watched.  Note that the root dir will always be included. 
    # exclude: /__foo/ 
    # Files to reload in the browser when they change. The value of `change` should 
    # be either a string of suffix names separated by whitespace or an array of 
    # regular expressions. 
      change: 'css html js'
    # Run command each time a file matching one of the suffixes or regular 
    # expressions in deps changes. 
    # The value of `deps` can be a string of suffix names or an Array of RegExps 
      command: 'make'
      deps: 'less md html'
    # Where to access server 
    url: 'http://localhost:5005'
    ## Supply a custom mimetypes file 
    # mimeTypesFile: "mime.types"