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create frequency lists


Create frequency lists

var FrequencyList = require('frequency-list'),
    list = new FrequencyList;
    .add('how are you')
    .add('whats up')
list.has('how are you') // true 
list.size('hi') // 2 
list.size('oh no') // 0 
list.unique('hi') // true 
$ component install matthewmueller/frequency-list

Initialize the FrequencyList with an optional array of values

Add a word or phrase to the frequency list

Remove a word or phrase from the frequency list.

Checks to see if a word or phrase exists in the list.

Gets the number of occurences of the given str. If the string is not in the list, the size will be 0.

Returns true if str occurs exactly once. Alias for size(str) === 1.

Returns the raw frequency list. You may also use the alias toJSON().

list.values(); //=> { 'hi' : 2, 'how are you' : 1, 'whats up' : 1 }