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A flux storage mixin for reactjs components.


A flux storage mixin for reactjs components. This helps you bind your storage updates to your react classes and a DRY way. Please check out the examples directory.

Demo [source] [live demo]

npm install freighter

This works with facebook's flux implementation/api, and in turn, works with both lcars and cargo-bay work really nice with this mixin.

freighter is a small mixin, and the source should be easy to digest.

When your component mounts, we add store event listeners to listen for store updates.

You are assumed to implement a getStateFromStores method and an array listing the stores you want to watch for updates on, in your Reactjs class.

The best way to use this mixin is to implement a function in your store that will return your component state.

getStateFromStores: function(){
  return HelloWorldStore.getDataFromStore();

You can see the example of HelloWorldStore.getDataFromStore().

var HelloWorldStore =  merge(CargoBay, {
  getDataFromStore: function(){
    return HelloWorldData.clonedData();

We were implementing this same flow in a lot of our react classes throughout our flux application. This allowed to be DRY.

npm install
npm run examples
npm install
npm test