node implementation of the ni-cRio NetConsole application for use in FIRST Robotics Competition

#netconsole.js This is a port of NetConsole for the ni-cRio used in FIRST Robotics Competitions to node.js. This is cool because it's now super cross platform, and due to the event listeners of node.js.


To obtain the latest stable build:

    npm install FRCNetConsole

To run a local version

    node netconsole.js

##What's cool about this

  • Makes FIRST more accessible
  • Cross platform. Can run on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android (and unofficially iOS)
  • Arguably faster at dumping your printfs than the stock version :P node js runs on an event-based architecture, so rather than maintaining a UDP queue, data from the cRio can just be printed to stdout whenever the bound datagram socket sees new data by means of a javascript callback function.

##Future Work

  • Send down data to the VxWorks OS. Currently we can only stream data from NetConsole.