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Frames Simulator

Morphis Frames is a software tool for building technology agnostic applications. The GUI is implemented using a technology that provides support for different platforms meaning that programmers need to know only a single programming language.

This project, Frames Simulator, it's ment to to easy create server environments to simulate the UI interactions.


For the latest stable version:

npm install -g frames-simulator


There are many ways to contribute:

  • Submit issues and help us verify fixes as they are checked in.
  • Review the source code changes.
  • Engage with other Frames users and developers on StackOverflow.
  • Read the Language Reference.



From Scratch

If you need a good starting point please see the HAR converter bellow. But you can start from scratch by running the following:

frames-simulator-tool -c -d test1

this will create an empty directory with the right structure to start from. See Simulator Tool to extra options.

From HAR

HAR (HTTP Archive) is a file format used by several http session tools to export the captured data. The format is basically a JSON object with a particular field distribution. In any case, please note that not all the fields are mandatory, and many times some information won't be saved to the file.

In any case you can get a capture of a HTTP session in any of the main 3 browsers: IE, Firefox and Chrome, even though we recommend Chrome or Firefox+Firebug.

Converting HAR file to a Simulator Session:

frames-simulator-tool -d test1 -h chrome_session.har
> found 207 entries
> found 6 service post calls
> found 3 views get calls
> saving task WORKSPACE aa1c43b6-ae01-4631-9b64-1d11160f38dc ...
> saving task NOQMENU 64bd6220-1e49-481e-9f78-5a31fb572336 ...
> saving task NTVACAT 0ad80ad5-679f-4b3a-a52c-c2ef9fc8c824 ...

Running Session

To run the saved session you shoud do:

frames-simulator -d test1
server listening on port 9080