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    fragments has beta status. it's been in production use for over a year. things are quite settled now. i aim for release in fall/winter 2015. expect some breakage until then but not much. i won't support any but the newest version.

    the documentation in this readme is work in progress and currently unfinished !

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    fragments structures web applications with (request time) dependency injection

    hello-world.js is a minimal fragments app contained in a single file with only around 50 lines of code. when called with ./hello-world.js serve it starts a http server on the port that is set in the environment variable PORT. that server responds to http GET requests to path /hello-world with ContentType text/plain and body Hello world. it responds with status code 404 Not Found to all other requests.

    var factories = {
      server: function(
      ) {
        return sequenz([
      notFound: function(
      ) {
        return MIDDLEWARE(function(
        ) {
      endHelloWorld: function(
      ) {
        end200Text('Hello world');
      actionHelloWorld: function(
      ) {
        return GET('/hello-world', function(
        ) {
    // thats it for the application code !
    // below is just configuration boilerplate.
    // it's needed only once per app.
    var fragments = require('fragments');
    var hinoki = require('hinoki');
    var source = hinoki.source([
    var source = hinoki.decorateSourceToAlsoLookupWithPrefix(source, 'fragments_');
    var app = fragments(source);

    expect a detailed walkthrough soon.

    see the example app as well.
    entry point is example/app.
    there are integration tests for the example app.

    fragments builds on top of hinoki: effective yet simple dependency injection and more for Node.js and browsers

    license: MIT


    npm i fragments

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