Calculate AcoustID audio fingerprint


Calculate AcoustID audio fingerprint for a given audio file using the Chromaprint fpcalc tool.


var fpcalc = require("fpcalc");
fpcalc("./audio.mp3", function(errresult) {
    if (err) throw err;
    console.log(result.file, result.duration, result.fingerprint);


Calculates the fingerprint of the given audio file.

File must be the path to an audio file.

Options may be an object with any of the following keys:

  • length: Length of the audio data used for fingerprint calculation (passed as -length option)
  • command: Path to the fpcalc command to use (defaults to "fpcalc")

Callback must be a function that will be called with callback(err, result) once the fingerprint is calculated. The result object will contain the following keys:

  • file: Path to the audio file
  • duration: Duration of audio file in seconds
  • fingerprint: Fingerprint of audio file


The fpcalc command-line tool must be installed. This is often available via your package manager (e.g., apt-get install libchromaprint-tools or brew install chromaprint).

npm install fpcalc