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Fountain v0.3.4

Build Status

Scaffolding tool using a YAML file as folder structure, or a template folder


Use fountain to create custom scaffolding builds. You can create the structure of your template using a YAML file, save it and build it (folder and files will be generated based on it), or you can create your template folder and save it for further use.


npm install -g fountain 


  • fountain save (-s) <path_to_file/path_to_folder> --name : Save the template passing the path to the YAML file, or a folder template
  • fountain build (-b) : Build the template by name;
  • fountain remove (-r) : Remove the template by name;
  • fountain list (-l) : List all the templates;
  • fountain version (-v): Show version;
  • fountain help (-h): Show help;

YAML file example:

  - js:
    - app.js
  - css:
    - app.css
Example using this template:
fountain build test