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Foundation for Sites Template

Please open all issues with this template on the main Foundation for Sites repo.

This is the basic starter project for Foundation for Sites 6. It includes a Sass compiler and a starter HTML file for you.


To use this template, your computer needs:

This template can be installed with the Foundation CLI, or downloaded and set up manually.

Using the CLI

Install the Foundation CLI with this command:

npm install foundation-cli --global

Use this command to set up a blank Foundation for Sites project with this template:

foundation new --framework sites --template basic

The CLI will prompt you to give your project a name. The template will be downloaded into a folder with this name.

Manual Setup

To manually set up the template, first download it with Git:

git clone projectname

Then open the folder in your command line, and install the needed dependencies:

cd projectname
npm install
bower install

Finally, run npm start to run the Sass compiler. It will re-run every time you save a Sass file.