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This authoring tool helps you create workshop-like courses.


For now, this project needs coffee script. To install coffeescript globally for your user, run

npm install -g coffee-script

We'll remove this requirement in future versions.


Install the stable release from NPM

npm install -g fork2

Or install the latest master from git

npm install -g

If the install had been successful, running the fork2 command should output some help message,

> fork2
Fork2 Version 0.0.1
The available commands are:
  help - Show detailed help for a command
  compile-template - Compiles a single content template.
  build-project - Builds a given project to an output path.
  run - Runs a built project.

Local Path Installation

NPM allows you do install a package on your local path. To install fork2 that way, just cd into the path you want, and run

npm install fork2

To get access to the fork2 bins, be sure to add the local node_modules bin path to your PATH environment variable. Like so,

export PATH=$PATH:./node_modules/.bin

To Build And Run a project

cd $PROJECT && fork2 build && fork2 run --port 3000


See the wiki


See the HACKING guide.


This project is under the MIT License.