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Forest Admin CLI

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The Lumberjacks' toolbelt is the Forest Admin CLI which makes easy to manage your back office application directly from the terminal.


$ npm install -g forest-cli


$ forest [command]


  • user display the current logged in user.
  • login sign in to your Forest Admin account.
  • logout sign out of your Forest Admin account.
  • help [cmd] display help for [cmd].


Manage Forest Admin projects.

  • projects list your projects.
  • projects:create <appName> generate a backend application with an ORM/ODM configured.
  • projects:get get the configuration of a project.


Manage Forest Admin environments.

  • environments list your environments.
  • environments:get get the configuration of an environment.
  • environments:create create a new environment.
  • environments:delete delete an environment.

Without the Development Workflow experience.

  • environments:copy-layout copy the layout from one environment to another.

With the Development Workflow activated.

  • init set up your development environment in your current folder.
  • branch create a new branch or list your existing branches.
  • switch switch to another branch in your local development environment.
  • push push layout changes of your current branch to a remote environment.
  • deploy deploy layout changes of an environment to the reference one.
  • environments:reset reset a remote environment by removing all layout changes.


Manage Forest Admin schema.

  • schema:apply apply the current schema of your repository to the specified environment (using your .forestadmin-schema.json file).
  • schema:diff allow to compare two environment schemas.
  • schema:update refresh your schema by generating files that do not currently exist.


ENV variables

  • DATABASE_SCHEMA the schema used by the database. (not for all commands)
  • DATABASE_URL the connection string. (not fot all commands)
  • FOREST_ENV_SECRET the env secret token used to access your Forest Admin environment.
  • SILENT used to not log commands results. (optional)
  • TOKEN_PATH path where store the session token. (need to be "/usr/src/cli" to work with the docker image)

If you have an .env file in you current folder docker should take it to run commands. So you can define the missing ENV variable inside. Otherwise you should pass all env variable you need in the docker run command, eg: -e TOKEN_PATH="/usr/src/app".

Using Forest Admin CLI

  • TOKEN_PATH="/usr/src/cli"
docker run --rm --init -it -v `pwd`:/usr/src/app -v ~/.forest.d:/usr/src/cli/.forest.d -e TOKEN_PATH="/usr/src/cli" forestadmin/toolbelt:latest [command]


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