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Footrest: Lightweight ODM for CouchDB on Node Build status

What is this is don't even?

Footrest lets you define models that will be backed by a Couch database. It tries to work in exactly the way you'd expect it to, with an ActiveModel-esque API.

Whilst it's still being put together, footrest will support callbacks (beforeSave, afterSave, etc) and validations.

See below for examples.

Footrest was designed to be used in CoffeeScript. For now, using it in Javascript will be an exercise for the reader as it ties in nicely with CoffeeScript's classical inheritance.

Read the tests for a better idea how footrest can be used until better documentation is available

Running the tests

  1. Run CouchDB on localhost:5984 in admin party mode
  2. npm test
  3. Watch it pass ☺

Long example

Hopefully this feels as natural to you as it does to me.

Model = require('footrest').Model

# this can be set per-model in the class definition, at runtime, etc
Model.database = require('footrest').database('footrest')

class Animal extends Model
  @type 'Animal'
  @attr 'species', 'name'

class Dog extends Animal
  @attr 'name'
  @attr 'species', default: 'dog'
  @attr 'breed', default: 'greyhound'
  @attr('bites', default: true)

  strokeable: ->
    @cute or not @bites

class Terrier extends Dog
  @attr 'breed', default: 'west_highland_terrier'
  @attr 'bites', default: false
  @attr 'cute', default: true

spot = new Dog
  name: 'Spot'

oscar = new Terrier(name: 'Oscar')

oscar.strokeable() # => true
spot.strokeable() # => false
oscar.species # => 'dog'

oscar.cute = false
oscar.bites = true
oscar.strokeable() # => true # => null
oscar.hello # => undefined (success) -> # => "73e98a88a53cbd6d9028a03d6e004fe4"
  oscar.rev # => "1-c3f75784f5f9a82faadac4ded1306412"