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fo-mason is a css-grid based masonry layout tool built with sass. No javascript required!

In the future css will have native masonry support. you can read more about that here.

However this package works in browsers right now without additional javascript.


To have fun and flex my understanding of css-grid, obviously.

The Method

I think this picture explains how it works nicely.


We create columns and rows and define the size of the rows as 1/3 of the columns. We let each brick span 3 to 6 rows and you have a fo-masonry layout.

This is some simplified sass to give you the gist of what is under the hood.

$brick: 20rem
$cuts: 3

    --cuts: #{$cuts}
    --brick-span: 0
    display: grid    
    justify-content: center
    grid-auto-flow: row dense

    grid-template-columns: repeat(auto-fill, #{$brick})
    grid-auto-rows: $brick / $cuts

.mason-auto > *:nth-child(2n)
    --brick-span: 2
.mason-auto > *:nth-child(3n)
    --brick-span: 1

.mason-vertical > *
    grid-row-end: span calc(var(--brick-span) + var(--cuts))


The size of each brick is adjustable but somewhat ridged. The brick size must be a multiple of the row size. And bricks don't dynamically expand with their content.


After installing just drop in a .mason class and pick either .mason-horizontal or .mason-vertical then add a .mason-auto class.

<div class="mason mason-vertical mason-auto">
  <div class="brick">...</div>
  <div class="brick">...</div>
  <div class="brick">...</div>

You can define the brick-size manually with a brick-size attribute. The default setting of 0 defines a 1x1 square brick, 3 makes the brick slightly larger then a 1x2 rectangle. The brick-size can also take negative values.

<div class="mason mason-horizontal">
  <div brick-size="0">...</div>
  <div brick-size="-2">...</div>
  <div brick-size="3">...</div>
  <div brick-size="1">...</div>

Installation & Configuration


npm install fo-mason

After installing it you can adjust the configuration like so:

@use 'path/to/node_modules/fo-mason' with (
    $gap: 1em,
    $brick: 16em,
    $cuts: 2,
    $auto: (
        '3n-1': 1,
        '4n': 2,
        '5n+1': 3


You can experiment by cloning the repo and hosting the demo/ folder with something like live-server.

Use npm run demo to apply your changes to the styling in the demo.

This tool was built with some of the newer sass features available in DartSass. If your using LibSass then you will need to make some adjustments or install a DartSass package. Unfortunately as of writing this, the live sass compiler available in vscode uses LibSass. Jekyll and Rails also currently uses LibSass.

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