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Collection of utils for Functions

fnUtils - Collection of utils for Function manipulation

Collection of function processing utilities:

  • slice(arguments, index) (arguments Object, number): returns an array of the arguments items starting at index
  • head(function) (Array): returns an array of the function named arguments
  • body(function) (string): returns the function source code

fnUtils is published on node package manager (npm). To install, do:

npm install fnutils
var fnutils = require('fnutils')
function test (a, b, c) {
    var args = fnutils.slice(arguments, b)
    console.log('test arguments (type=%s, length=%d)', typeof args, args.length, args)
test('a', 0, true)
test('a', 1, true)
console.log('HEAD', fnutils.head(test))
console.log('BODY', fnutils.body(test))


test arguments (type=object, length=3) [ 'a', 0, true ]
test arguments (type=object, length=2) [ 1, true ]
HEAD [ 'a', 'b', 'c' ]
	var args = fnutils.slice(arguments, b)

	console.log('test arguments (type=%s, length=%d)', typeof args, args.length, args)