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Functional Pasta

A collection of functional functions that I have found myself copy pastaing around.

I am trying to separate the pasta into useful strands.

browser support


Turn array (or arguments) of functions into a single function that feeds the return value of one into the next.

partial(fn[, args, ...])

Return fn with arguments applied. Passing undefined will leave a hole that will be filled with arguments from the second fn call before the rest are appended to the arguments list.

curry(fn[, times])

Return a function that takes a single argument times number of times, and then calls fn in the context it was called in. times defaults/min is 2.


Return a function that takes a fn and limits it to the number of args provided.

casify(obj[, default])

Return a function that takes a case and checks to see if it is in obj. If not use the default, if not use the _default property of the object, if not use the default property of the object.

memo(fn[, cache])

Return a memoized version of fn, with _cache attached. Can provide an optional starting cache (be careful, can be used to provide incorrect answers to function calls). Cache keys are the stringified array of arguments.


Returns a function that applies the operator to the arguments.


return arg. An identity function. Also op('').


Returns a function that gets key from the object it is called on.


Return a function that reduces all of it's arguments over fn. fn gets passed two arguments at a time.