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A complete re-write of hooks for Node.js to overcome some fundamental flaws with the original library. Intended as a drop-in replacement with extended functionality.

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The original hooks library attaches hooks to objects and it's this object-centric focus that makes it very difficult to use in conjunction with the protoypal inheritance pattern. When attaching hooks to various levels of a complex inheritance tree it quickly became obvious that hooks would no longer meet our needs. Introducing fn-hooks which attaches hooks to functions, irrespective of the object being called.

More detail to come...


It's a small library so there aren't many.

$ npm test


All contributions are welcome! I'm happy to accept pull requests as long as they conform to the following guidelines:

  • Keep the API clean, we prefer ease-of-use over extra features
  • Don't break the build and add tests where necessary
  • Keep the coding style consistent, we follow JSHint's Coding Style

Otherwise, please open an issue if you have any suggestions or find a bug.


The MIT License (MIT) - Copyright (c) 2013 Clear Learning Systems