New Generation Build System

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New Generation Build System

Fly is a build system for Node based in ES6 generators and promises that aims to be simple and elegant to write and extend.

See the Documentation page to learn more.

npm install fly
const paths = {
  scripts: ["src/**/*.js", "!src/ignore/**/*.js"]
exports.default = function* () {
  yield this.tasks.clean()
  yield this.tasks.scripts()
exports.clear = function* () {
  yield this.clear("build")
exports.scripts = function* () {
  yield this
    .babel({/* options */})
    .uglify({/* options */})


Contributions are absolutely welcome. Check out our contribution guide.

Roadmap ✈

  • Proper tests.
  • Configuration options (disable plugin auto-loading, etc.)


MIT © Jorge Bucaran et al