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Flowbite - Tailwind CSS components
Build websites even faster with components on top of Tailwind CSS

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For full documentation, visit flowbite.com.

Getting started

Flowbite can be included as a plugin into an existing Tailwind CSS project and it is supposed to help you build websites faster by having a set of web components to work with built with the utility classes from Tailwind CSS.

Install using NPM

Make sure that you have Node.js and Tailwind CSS installed.

  1. Install Flowbite as a dependency using NPM by running the following command:
npm install flowbite
  1. Require Flowbite as a plugin inside the tailwind.config.js file:
module.exports = {

    plugins: [

  1. Make sure that you add the template path to the tailwind.config.js file:
module.exports = {

    content: [

  1. Include the main JavaScript file to make interactive elements work:
<script src="../path/to/flowbite/dist/flowbite.js"></script>

Include via CDN

The quickest way to get started working with Flowbite is to simply include the CSS and JavaScript into your project via a CDN service such as UNPKG or CDNJS (content delivery networks).

Require the following minified stylesheet inside the head tag:

<link href="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/flowbite/1.6.3/flowbite.min.css" rel="stylesheet" />

And include the following javascript file before the end of the body tag:

<script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/flowbite/1.6.3/flowbite.min.js"></script>

Bundled JavaScript

One of the most popular way of using Flowbite is to include the bundled Javascript file which is UMD ready using a bundler such as Webpack or Parcel which makes sure that all of the data attributes and functionality will work out-of-the-box.

You can directly import the main JavaScript file inside your bundled app-bundle.js file like this:

import 'flowbite';

This file has access to all of the components and it automatically applies event listeners to the data attributes.

Data attributes

The preferred way to use the interactive UI components from Flowbite is via the data attributes interface which allows us to add functionality via the HTML element attributes and most of the examples on our documentation applies this strategy.

For example, to set up a modal component all you need to do is use data-modal-target and data-modal-{toggle|show|hide} to toggle, show, or hide the component by clicking on any trigger element.

<button data-modal-target="defaultModal" data-modal-toggle="defaultModal" class="block text-white bg-blue-700 hover:bg-blue-800 focus:ring-4 focus:outline-none focus:ring-blue-300 font-medium rounded-lg text-sm px-5 py-2.5 text-center dark:bg-blue-600 dark:hover:bg-blue-700 dark:focus:ring-blue-800" type="button">
  Toggle modal

<!-- Main modal -->
<div id="defaultModal" tabindex="-1" aria-hidden="true" class="fixed top-0 left-0 right-0 z-50 hidden w-full p-4 overflow-x-hidden overflow-y-auto md:inset-0 h-[calc(100%-1rem)] md:h-full">
    <div class="relative w-full h-full max-w-2xl md:h-auto">
        <!-- Modal content -->
        <div class="relative bg-white rounded-lg shadow dark:bg-gray-700">
            <!-- Modal header -->
            <div class="flex items-start justify-between p-4 border-b rounded-t dark:border-gray-600">
                <h3 class="text-xl font-semibold text-gray-900 dark:text-white">
                    Terms of Service
                <button type="button" class="text-gray-400 bg-transparent hover:bg-gray-200 hover:text-gray-900 rounded-lg text-sm p-1.5 ml-auto inline-flex items-center dark:hover:bg-gray-600 dark:hover:text-white" data-modal-hide="defaultModal">
                    <svg aria-hidden="true" class="w-5 h-5" fill="currentColor" viewBox="0 0 20 20" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"><path fill-rule="evenodd" d="M4.293 4.293a1 1 0 011.414 0L10 8.586l4.293-4.293a1 1 0 111.414 1.414L11.414 10l4.293 4.293a1 1 0 01-1.414 1.414L10 11.414l-4.293 4.293a1 1 0 01-1.414-1.414L8.586 10 4.293 5.707a1 1 0 010-1.414z" clip-rule="evenodd"></path></svg>
                    <span class="sr-only">Close modal</span>
            <!-- Modal body -->
            <div class="p-6 space-y-6">
                <p class="text-base leading-relaxed text-gray-500 dark:text-gray-400">
                    With less than a month to go before the European Union enacts new consumer privacy laws for its citizens, companies around the world are updating their terms of service agreements to comply.
                <p class="text-base leading-relaxed text-gray-500 dark:text-gray-400">
                    The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (G.D.P.R.) goes into effect on May 25 and is meant to ensure a common set of data rights in the European Union. It requires organizations to notify users as soon as possible of high-risk data breaches that could personally affect them.
            <!-- Modal footer -->
            <div class="flex items-center p-6 space-x-2 border-t border-gray-200 rounded-b dark:border-gray-600">
                <button data-modal-hide="defaultModal" type="button" class="text-white bg-blue-700 hover:bg-blue-800 focus:ring-4 focus:outline-none focus:ring-blue-300 font-medium rounded-lg text-sm px-5 py-2.5 text-center dark:bg-blue-600 dark:hover:bg-blue-700 dark:focus:ring-blue-800">I accept</button>
                <button data-modal-hide="defaultModal" type="button" class="text-gray-500 bg-white hover:bg-gray-100 focus:ring-4 focus:outline-none focus:ring-blue-300 rounded-lg border border-gray-200 text-sm font-medium px-5 py-2.5 hover:text-gray-900 focus:z-10 dark:bg-gray-700 dark:text-gray-300 dark:border-gray-500 dark:hover:text-white dark:hover:bg-gray-600 dark:focus:ring-gray-600">Decline</button>

You can view more examples by browsing the components from Flowbite.


Flowbite also offers an API for using the components programmatically and it supports both CJS and ESM for JavaScript which can be helpful if you need to expand the default capabilities of the data attributes interface and get access to function callbacks.

Here's an example how you can import and create a new Modal component inside JavaScript:

import { Modal } from 'flowbite'

const $modalElement = document.querySelector('#modalEl');

const modalOptions = {
    placement: 'bottom-right',
    backdrop: 'dynamic',
    backdropClasses: 'bg-gray-900 bg-opacity-50 dark:bg-opacity-80 fixed inset-0 z-40',
    onHide: () => {
        console.log('modal is hidden');
    onShow: () => {
        console.log('modal is shown');
    onToggle: () => {
        console.log('modal has been toggled');

const modal = new Modal($modalElement, modalOptions);


Check out the JavaScript behaviour section of each component's page to learn how you can use this.


Flowbite supports type declarations for the interactive UI components including object interfaces and parameter types. Check out the following examples to learn how you can use types with Flowbite.

Additionally to our code above, we will now import some relevant types from the Flowbite package, namely the ModalOptions and ModalInterface:

import { Modal } from 'flowbite'
import type { ModalOptions, ModalInterface } from 'flowbite'

// other code

Generally speaking, all of the components have an interface definition that you can use whenever you create a new object to make sure that you're using the correct types of parameters and methods.

When creating a new modal you can set the ModalInterface as the main type:

const modal: ModalInterface = new Modal($modalElement, modalOptions);

Flowbite also supports type definitions for the options object so if you want to set the placement of the modal based on types, here's how you would do that:

const modalOptions: ModalOptions = {
    placement: 'top-right'

const modal: ModalInterface = new Modal($modalElement, modalOptions);

Learn more about Flowbite and TypeScript in the quickstart guide.

JavaScript Frameworks

The awesome open-source community also built and currently maintains the following standalone libraries for React, Vue, Svelte, and Angular:

We also wrote integration guides for the following front-end frameworks and libraries:

Back-end Frameworks

Flowbite has a great integration with most of the back-end frameworks because it relies on vanilla JavaScript:


Flowbite is an open source collection of UI components built with the utility classes from Tailwind CSS that you can use as a starting point when coding user interfaces and websites.

Alerts Badge Breadcrumbs
Tailwind CSS Alerts Tailwind CSS Badge Tailwind CSS Breadcrumbs
Buttons Button group Cards
Tailwind CSS Buttons Tailwind CSS Button Group Tailwind CSS Cards
Dropdown Forms List group
Tailwind CSS Dropdown Tailwind CSS Forms Tailwind CSS List group
Typography Modal Tabs
Tailwind CSS Typography Tailwind CSS Modal Tailwind CSS Tabs
Navbar Pagination Timeline
Tailwind CSS Navbar Tailwind CSS Pagination Tailwind CSS Timeline
Progress bar Tables Toast
Tailwind CSS Progress Bar Tailwind CSS Tables Tailwind CSS Toast
Tooltips Datepicker Spinner
Tailwind CSS Tooltips Tailwind CSS Datepicker Tailwind CSS Spinner
Footer Accordion Sidebar
Tailwind CSS Footer Tailwind CSS Accordion Tailwind CSS Sidebar
Carousel Avatar Rating
Tailwind CSS Carousel Tailwind CSS Avatar Tailwind CSS Rating
Input Field File Input Search Input
Tailwind CSS Input Field Tailwind CSS File Input Tailwind CSS Search Input
Select Textarea Checkbox
Tailwind CSS Select Tailwind CSS Textarea Tailwind CSS Checkbox
Radio Toggle Range Slider
Tailwind CSS Radio Tailwind CSS Toggle Tailwind CSS Range Slider
Floating Label Mega Menu Skeleton
Tailwind CSS Floating Label Tailwind CSS Mega Menu Tailwind CSS Skeleton
KBD (keyboard) Drawer (offcanvas) Popover
Tailwind CSS KBD (Keyboard) Tailwind CSS Drawer (offcanvas) Tailwind CSS Popover
Video Heading Paragraph
Tailwind CSS Video Tailwind CSS Heading Tailwind CSS Paragraph
Blockquote Image List
Tailwind CSS Blockquote Tailwind CSS Image Tailwind CSS List
Link Text Horizontal line (HR)
Tailwind CSS Link Tailwind CSS Text Tailwind CSS HR
Speed Dial Stepper Indicators
Tailwind CSS Speed Dial Tailwind CSS Stepper Tailwind CSS Indicators
Bottom Navigation Sticky Banner
Tailwind CSS Bottom Navigation Bar Tailwind CSS Bottom Sticky Banner

Figma Design System

If you need the Figma files for the components you can check out our website for more information:

🎨 Get access to the Figma design files

Flowbite Blocks

Check out Flowbite Blocks to get access to over 290+ website sections coded in Tailwind CSS and Flowbite:

📦 Check out Flowbite Blocks

Pro version

Get access to all premium features including the Figma design system, access to all Flowbite Block sections and a dashboard UI interface:

💎 Check out Flowbite Pro


If you need help or just want to discuss about the library join the community on Github:

⌨️ Discuss about Flowbite on GitHub

For casual chatting with others using the library:

💬 Join the Flowbite Discord Server

Video tutorials and presentations using Flowbite:

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Copyright and license

The Flowbite name and logos are trademarks of Bergside Inc.

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