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    Flex Plugin Scripts

    Scripts to run, build, and deploy Flex plugin.

    Deprecation Notice: These scripts are deprecated and no longer recommended to be used. Please head over to Twilio CLI's Flex Plugins integration on how to use Plugin Builder.


    This repo will automatically be installed as part of creating a new plugin.

    Verbose/Debug Mode

    All scripts can run with DEBUG=1 for a more verbose mode. You may also use TRACE=1 for an even more verbose mode.

    Customizing the Configuration

    Plugin Builder is built using Webpack.js and uses Jest for testing. For users, they will not need to modify any of the Webpack/Jest configurations. For those who do, you can have full control over the Webpack/Jest!

    Create a *.config.js in the root directory of your application. For Jest, create a jest.config.js. For Webpack, create a webpack.config.js. For Webpack DevServer, create a Each of these configurations file should be of the format below:

    module.exports = (config, { isProd, isDev, isTest }) => {
       * Modify the configuration and then return it
      return config;



    The deploy script is used to build and deploy your Flex plugin directly to Twilio Assets using the Serverless API.

    Usage: npm run deploy -- {options}

    The script will build and deploy your plugin to Twilio Assets using Serverless API. Please note that your AccountSid and AuthToken are required to use this script.



    By default, plugins are uploaded as Private plugin. A plugin can be uploaded as Public by setting the --public flag:

    npm run deploy -- --public

    Multiple Accounts

    Plugin Builder v3 stores your credentials locally in your keychain so you do not have to re-enter your credentials every time. If you like to provide a new set of AccountSid / AuthToken, you may set them as environmental variables before invoking the deploy command:

    TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID=ACxxx TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN=abc123 npm run deploy

    This will use the newly provided credentials and save them in the keychain as well. If you have multiple accounts saved in the keychain, you will be prompted to select on at runtime:

    ? Select from one of the following Account Sids (Use arrow keys)
    ❯ AC0000000000000000000000000000000 

    Invoking with the TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID environmental variable, however, will remove this step and the script will use the provided account.


    The build script bundles your plugin into a single minified JavaScript file.

    Usage: npm run build


    The test scripts run your unit tests using jest.

    Usage: npm run test


    The start scripts sets up the server locally so you develop your Flex plugin in real-time.

    Usage: npm run start

    Changing server port

    By the default, the script will try to start a server on port 3000, or the first available port larger than 3000. You can provide a custom port using the PORT environmental variable:

    PORT=4000 npm run start


    The remove script removes/delete the the plugin permanently.

    Usage: npm run remove


    The info script provides information about your plugin, including the version of important packages that are currently installed.

    Use this script to provide information to the Twilio support team whenever you are having an issue with your plugin-builder.

    Usage: npm run info


    Make sure to follow the instructions in the main repository to set up the project.

    # Install dependencies and link local packages with each other
    cd packages/flex-plugin
    npx lerna bootstrap
    # Run tests
    npm test
    # To use your local package in a different project
    npm link
    # then in a different project
    npm link flex-plugin


    Thank you to all the lovely contributors to this project. Please check the main repository to see all contributors.




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