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Flatten Packages

Flatten packages in node_modules

Nested node_modules are subjectively messy and sometimes we want it to be flat. Note that your node_modules might be exploded. Use it wisely.


$ npm install -g flatten-packages

How to use

Run executable flatten-packages to rearrange all packages in node_modules folder in the project directory. Flatten will delete older version of a package. You should take care of version breaking changes related errors.

$ flatten-packages

You can specify PROJECT_DIRECTORY to flatten

$ flatten-packages PROJECT_DIRECTORY

PROJECT_DIRECTORY is a project directory, not a node_modules directory in PROJECT_DIRECTORY

Info mode

You can use info mode by adding -i to the command. It will list all duplicate packages. Info mode do not flatten PROJECT_DIRECTORY

$ flatten-packages PROJECT_DIRECTORY -i

Print first level node_modules

Sometimes you need to fill dependency part of package.json. Use can use printed output using -p

$ flatten-packages PROJECT_DIRECTORY -p

Automatic deployment

When using automated deployment which will execute npm install before running your nodejs script, you will need to somehow execute flatten-packages after all dependencies are installed.