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Simple mapping library for CouchDB


Flatpack provides some simple document modelling for CouchDB built on top of supercomfy CouchDB client. Flatpack will allow you to define a model, and will then create appropriate permanent views in CouchDB to allow for easy searching and retrieval of these documents, as well as creating a helper object which will allow you to easily manipulate documents of that type.

  • Provide alternate client implementations (use either supercomfy, cradle or nano)
  • Use Travis-CI for continuous integration
    // Define a model with just the default view (getByType) 
    flatpack.define(couchurl, db, 'customer', null, callback);
    // Define a model with custom views 
    flatpack.define(couchurl, db, 'customer', {views: {byName: ['firstName', 'lastName']}}, callback);
    // Create a document 
    var customer = {firstName: 'Nathan', lastName: 'Oehlman', company: 'Sidelab'},
        customerdb = flatpack.use('customer');
    // Save for the first time, function(err, id) {
        // id is the id assigned by couch to the document 
    // Create a document 
    var customerdb = flatpack.use('customer');
    // Get the existing object 
    customerdb.get(id, function(err, object) {
        if (!err) {
            // Update the details 
            object.firstName = 'Thomas';
  , function(err, id){
                if (!err) {
                    // All ok!