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    Flagpole JS

    Flagpole is a QA testing framework that is easy to learn, flexible, portable, and fast.

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    Developer Style Guide

    • Class is ordered: public properties, private/protected properties, constructor, public methods, private/protected methods
    • Private/protected properties and methods are prefixed with _
    • Camel-case all the things, except class names and enums
    • Interfaces are prefixed by i
    • Think about the developer experience of the person writing the tests first and foremost
    • Definitively type whenever possible
    • Favor readability over cleverness or brevity
    • Document and comment liberally
    • Don't try to do everything, but do the common QA functions really well
    • As much as possible, create a common experience across different classes of scenarios
    • Keep the framework as light as possible, which might mean auto-discovery and dynamically loading optional libraries
    • It should be obvious. It should not mislead, confuse, or cause additional cognitive load
    • Do what you say, say what you do. No side effects.
    • Try to start methods with verbs unless it's just really short, sweet, and obvious not to
    • Start properties or methods that return booleans with "is" or "has" or "can" or something similar that reads what it is
    • Start methods that convert an object to a different type with "to" like "toArray"
    • Some things are designed to be chained, such as setting up a Suite or Scenario, so allow this to be chained by returning themselves, but don't chain just for the sake of chaining. Chain of readability and convenience of DX only.


    npm i flagpole

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