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A lightweight flag icon toolkit for the web

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flagpack can be installed with npm.

npm install flagpack 

Use in your project


you can import the built css file directly into your project. this will include all the css classes & flag icons.


Default flag: bo is the country code (Bolivia 🇧🇴 is used in these examples).

<span class="fp bo"></span>


<span class="fp fp-md bo"></span>


<span class="fp fp-lg bo"></span>


<span class="fp fp-rounded bo"></span>

square variant:

<span class="fp fp-square bo"></span>

visit flag.pk to quickly copy your countries code for your project.


Flagpack is built with SASS (SCSS). There are a few variables that are !default so that you can override them easily.

Set custom prefix:
Set the class prefix (the default is fp).

$fp-prefix: 'fp' !default;

Prepend Prefix:
Prepend the prefix to the country code e.g. fp-bo instead of bo (the default is set to false).

$fp-prepend: false !default;

Set default icon size:
This will also mofify the fp-md, fp-lg & fp-rounded sizes.

$fp-size: 1em !default;

Size Helpers:
By default Flagpack has a medium .md and large .lg helper class. you can disable generating these size classes if you don't need them.

$fp-size-md: true !default;
$fp-size-lg: true !default;

If you would like to include only a few countries you can override this variable. Just Include the country codes you want.

$fp-countries: "ac", "ad", "ae", "af", "ag", "ai", "al", "am", "ao", "ar", "as",
  "at", "au", "aw", "ax", "az", "ba", "bb", "bd", "be", "bf", "bg", "bh", "bi",
  "bj", "bl", "bm", "bn", "bo", "bq", "br", "bs", "bt", "bv", "bw", "by", "bz",
  "ca", "cc", "cd", "cf", "cg", "ch", "ci", "ck", "cl", "cm", "cn", "co", "cr",
  "cu", "cv", "cw", "cx", "cy", "cz", "de", "dj", "dk", "dm", "do", "dz", "ec",
  "ee", "eg", "eh", "er", "es", "et", "eu", "fi", "fj", "fk", "fm", "fo", "fr",
  "ga", "gb-eng", "gb-nir", "gb-sct", "gb-wls", "gb-zet", "gb", "gd", "ge", "gf",
  "gg", "gh", "gi", "gl", "gm", "gn", "gp", "gq", "gr", "gs", "gt", "gu", "gw",
  "gy", "hk", "hm", "hn", "hr", "ht", "hu", "id", "ie", "il", "im", "in", "io",
  "iq", "ir", "is", "it", "je", "jm", "jo", "jp", "ke", "kg", "kh", "ki", "km",
  "kn", "kp", "kr", "kw", "ky", "kz", "la", "lb", "lc", "lgbt", "li", "lk", "lr",
  "ls", "lt", "lu", "lv", "ly", "ma", "mc", "md", "me", "mf", "mg", "mh", "mk",
  "ml", "mm", "mn", "mo", "mp", "mq", "mr", "ms", "mt", "mu", "mv", "mw", "mx",
  "my", "mz", "na", "nc", "ne", "nf", "ng", "ni", "nl", "no", "np", "nr", "nu",
  "nz", "om", "pa", "pe", "pf", "pg", "ph", "pk", "pl", "pm", "pn", "pr", "ps",
  "pt", "pw", "py", "qa", "re", "ro", "rs", "ru", "rw", "sa", "sb", "sc", "sd",
  "se", "sg", "sh", "si", "sj", "sk", "sl", "sm", "sn", "so", "sr", "ss", "st",
  "sv", "sx", "sy", "sz", "ta", "tc", "td", "tf", "tg", "th", "tj", "tk", "tl",
  "tm", "tn", "to", "tr", "tt", "tv", "tw", "tz", "ua", "ug", "um", "us", "uy",
  "uz", "va", "vc", "ve", "vg", "vi", "vn", "vu", "wf", "ws", "xk", "ye", "yt",
  "za", "zm", "zw" !default;

Enable/Disable Formats:
You can optionally turn off flag formats if you would only like to use one format (both formats are enabled by default).

$fp-enable-4x3: true !default;
$fp-enable-1x1: true !default;
$fp-enable-rounded: true !default;

Flag SVG paths:
You will always need to override these variables if you are going to use the sass files directly in your project.

  • $fp-4x3-path is for the 4x3 (rectangle) formats.
  • $fp-1x1-path is for the 1x1 (square) formats.
$fp-4x3-path: '../flags/4x3/' !default;
$fp-1x1-path: '../flags/1x1/' !default;

Why use this library?

Most flag libraries out there either use low quality png's or overly complex svg's that don't scale down well. Flagpack is around 125kb gzipped this is including all the svgs (both 1x1 and 4x3 formats) plus the css. making it about 10x smaller than flag-icon-css.

Using only 1x1 or 4x3 formats will reduce the size to around 60kb.


flagpack uses the flagkit as the base for it's icons plus a few custom additions. if you are looking for flags for IOS & Android please use this library.

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