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    PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite3 storage for BackboneORM.

    BackboneSQL provides an interface for BackboneORM models to persist to SQL databases.

    Please checkout the website for examples, documentation, and community!

    Schema definition

    Fields are specified in the models schema property. Each (non-relation) field corresponds to a database column.

    Each field must have a type and may be provided with the additional options.

    An auto-incrementing field named id is automatically created as the primary key for each model.

    To supply options the field descriptor is passed as an array, with the first item being the field type and a settings object as the second.

    Available types

    All types supported by Knex are available. Add column specific options along with the settings object for the field. The first letter of the type name is optionally capitalized, while the remainder must be camelCase.

    Common field options

    These options may be applied to any field. Note that column options are currently only applied when the columns are created.

    • nullable: Defaults to true. Set to false to throw an error on null values.
    • indexed: Defaults to false. Set to true to create an index on the column.
    • unique: Defaults to false. Set to true to create a unique constraint on the column.
    CoffeeScript schema example
    SQLSync = require('fl-backbone-sql').sync
    class Project extends Backbone.Model
      # Database connection and table name are specified with the urlRoot 
      urlRoot: 'postgres://username:password@localhost:27017/my_database/projects'
      # Schema defines the fields for the model's table 
        created_at: 'DateTime'
        type: ['Integer'nullable: false]
        name: ['String'unique: trueindexed: true]
      # Kick it off by setting the model's sync to an SQLSync 
      sync: SQLSync(Project)
    JavaScript schema example
    var SQLSync = require('fl-backbone-sql').sync;
    var Project = Backbone.Model.extend({
      // Database connection and table name are specified with the urlRoot
      urlRoot: 'postgres://username:password@localhost:27017/projects',
      // Schema defines the fields for the model's table
      schema: {
        created_at: 'DateTime',
        type: ['Integer', {nullable: false}],
        name: ['String', {unique: true, indexed: true}]
    // Kick it off by setting the model's sync to an SQLSync
    Project.prototype.sync = SQLSync(Project);

    For Contributors

    To build the library for Node.js and browsers:

    $ gulp build

    Please run tests before submitting a pull request:

    $ gulp test --quick

    and eventually all tests:

    $ npm test

    Test Variants

    You can run the following fine-grained tests to resolve problems with specific application frameworks

    $ gulp test-postgres
    $ gulp test-mysql
    $ gulp test-sqlite3


    npm i fl-backbone-sql

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