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A package.json file scrubber for the truly insane.

It will re-write your package.json file as follows:

  • name first
  • description second
  • version third
  • author fourth
  • all other keys in alphabetical order
  • dependencies and devDependencies sorted alphabetically
  • newline at the end of the file

It will warn you if any of these are missing:

  • description
  • author
  • repository
  • keywords
  • main
  • bugs
  • homepage
  • license

Maintain current indentation, End of Line, and Final New Line, or set them to your configured value (see configuration).

Oh, and it will tolerate improperly quoted and comma'd JSON thanks to ALCE.

Oh, and can do same if you pass it a bower.json file or whatnot.

Oh, and it will exit with 0 when already fixed or with 1 otherwise (so combined with --dryRun flag it can be used as CI check)


  1. install it globally
npm i -g fixpack
  1. run it in the same directory as your package.json, that's it.

What you might do if you're clever

npm i cool_package --save && fixpack


It's configurable. You can create a .fixpackrc file in your project or anywhere up the tree to your $HOME directory. Or overwrite options via CLI arguments.

Uses the rc module to do this. So you can pass all these as CLI args too.

The available options and their defaults shown below:

    // will put these first in this order if present
    sortToTop: [
    // will error if these not present
    required: [
    // will warn if these not present
    warn: [
    // if `private: true` in package.json will use the next two lists instead
    requiredOnPrivate: [],
    warnOnPrivate: ['name', 'version', 'description', 'main'],
    // sub items to sort by default
    sortedSubItems: [
    // if you set quiet to true it won't do output anything to the console
    quiet: false,
    // files to scrub
    files: ['package.json'],
    // Will not fix file, only inform if is fixed
    dryRun: false,
    // Will set all deps to '*'
    // this may be useful because then you can
    // run npm update --save && npm update --save-dev
    // to install latest stable releases of everything.
    wipe: false,
    // Sets the expected indentation. If number, is number of spaces,
    // otherwise can be string to use as indentation (like a tab).
    // if undefined/null (default), indentation is detected from file and preserved.
    indent: null,
    // Sets line endings to be either "LF" or "CRLF"
    // if undefined/null (default), newLine is detected from file and preserved.
    newLine: null,
    // Boolean if there should be an empty line at the end of the file.
    // if undefined/null (default), finalNewLine is detected from file and preserved.
    finalNewLine: null


  • 3.0.6 - Fix false removal issue.
  • 3.0.5 - Fix coloration of warnings
  • 3.0.4 - OS specific EOL
  • 3.0.3 - updates to remove NSP warnings in deps.
  • 2.3.0 - add wipe option that sets all dep versions to * for easier bulk updating.
  • 2.2.0 - add optionalDependencies to auto sorted
  • 2.1.0 - switched to standard style. Add peerDependencies to default sorted keys.
  • 2.0.1 - don't error on missing bower file by default.
  • 2.0.0 - configurable via .fixpackrc file using rc module.
  • x.x.x - unknown miscellaneous madness and poor version tracking
  • 0.0.2 diff - EOF newline
  • 0.0.1 - initial release


This embarrassing display of insanity, type-A-ness, and OCD brought to you by @HenrikJoreteg.





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