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    FirefoxCSS CLI

    A command-line tool to install and manage Firefox userstyles seamlessly.

    Get started

    Example installation of MaterialFox. Run the following commands in console/terminal.

    1. Enable custom userstyles for Firefox

      npx firefoxcss-cli enable
    2. Install theme from GitHub URL

      npx firefoxcss-cli install
    3. Activate the theme

      npx firefoxcss-cli activate MaterialFox

    Find a collection of beautiful Firefox themes at FirefoxCSS Store

    Note: Installation without executable requires Node.js 14.x or higher


    • [x] Enable userstyles globaly
    • [x] Install theme from URL
    • [x] Activate and deactivate installed themes
    • [ ] Installing from repository with multiple variants: Example
    • [ ] Multiple active themes
    • [ ] Incemental theme updates
    • [ ] Custom advanced prefrences (about:config) from theme user.js file
    • [ ] Works without git (using simple-git)


    firefoxcss-cli - a command-line tool to install and manage Firefox userstyles seamlessly
    Usage: firefoxcss-cli COMMAND [ arguments ] [...options]
            Enable custom userstyles for current Firefox profile.
        install URL
            Install a theme from a GitHub URL.
        activate THEME
            Activate THEME after deactivating current one.
            List installed themes.
        remove THEME
            Remove/uninstall THEME.
            Deactivate currently active theme.
        update THEME
            Update THEME by reinstalling it. Any modifications will be lost.
            Echo directory for default Firefox profile.
            Echo current theme properties or null.
        -h --help      Display this help message.
        firefoxcss-cli enable
        firefoxcss-cli install
        firefoxcss-cli activate MaterialFox

    Running with Node.js

    git clone
    cd FirefoxCSS-CLI
    npm install
    node index

    Using precompiled executable

    1. Download CLI executable for your operating system from releases
    2. Call executable from the command-line: ex. ./firefoxcss-cli.exe

    Compiling executable locally

    1. Clone the repository:
      git clone
    2. Go to cloned repository:
      cd FirefoxCSS-CLI
    3. Install dependencies:
      npm install
    4. Build executable for current system (specify custom pkg build settings in package.json):
      npm run build
    5. Run CLI executable:
      Windows: ./firefoxcss-cli.exe
      Unix: ./firefoxcss-cli

    Node.js API

    The manager.js file exports the Profile class that contains methods for each command mentioned above. It also contains JSDoc comments for each method and property.

    Example implementation:

    npm install firefoxcss-cli
    // example.js
    const { Profile } = require("FirefoxCSS-CLI/manager")


     * Firefox profile instance: where themes can be installed, activated, removed, updated
     * and userstyles can be enabled for said profile.
    export class Profile {
       * Optional path to the Firefox profile to modify, otherwise the default one.
       * @param {string | undefined} profileDir path to Firefox profile
      constructor(profileDir: string | undefined)
      PREFIX: string
      THEMEINI: string
      profileDir: string
       * Generate unique base36 string when called, based on current timestamp.
      unique(): string
       * Get human-readable part of git(hub) uri.
       * @param {string} url github url
      repoName(url: string): string
       * Get default Firefox profile.
       * @return {string} path to default Firefox profile
      defaultProfile(): string
       * Get current theme configuration file or null if unofficial or non-existent userstyle.
       * @return {Object | null} Object representing theme config or null
      get theme(): any
       * List of installed themes in profile.
       * @return {string[]} list of theme names
      get themes(): string[]
       * Install a theme from a github url, regardless of the repos folder structure.
       * @param {string} url github link to a single theme
       * @return {string} theme name - if succesfull install
      install(url: string): string
       * Deactivate current theme.
       * @return {string | null} deactivated theme name or null
      deactivate(): string | null
       * Deactivate current theme (if any) and activate the new `theme`.
       * @param {string} theme the git repo name of the theme
       * @return {null} null if no such theme is installed
      activate(theme: string): null
       * Removes a theme if it exists.
       * @param {string} theme the git repo name of the theme
       * @return {string | null} removed theme path or null if no theme was removed
      remove(theme: string): string | null
       * Updates a theme by reinstalling it.
       * Warning: will remove any modifications made to the theme files locally.
       * @param {string} theme the git repo name of the theme
      update(theme: string): string
       * Enable userstyles for the Firefox profile.
       * Required for themes to work.
       * @param {boolean=} force overwrite existing user.js file in profile folder
      enable(force?: boolean | undefined): void


    npm i firefoxcss-cli

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