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    Hacker News APIs with firebase


    $ npm install --save firebase-hackernews



    Run node script at ./example/express/server.js, or npm run express and connect to server


    This project was generated by create-react-app. Navigate to ./example/react/ and then run first npm install, an then run npm start. If you have any updates before run start, you should reinstall the package

    Service Worker

    To test service worker, run npm run sw and connet to test server. webpack watching is default options


    See more examples in test.js and refer to HackerNews API for more information of firebase and

    Initialzing with firebase/database

    Because of firebase running environment is not only for node but also browser and service worker.So you must import both of app and database from firebase modules before import firebase-hackernews.

    const firebase = require('firebase');
    const hackernews = require('firebase-hackernews');
    // create a service as a single instance when the fist call
    // you must pass firebase to init method
    const hnservice = hackernews(firebase)

    Even it can be running with es2015 to support for live-code importing like this below,

    import firebase from 'firebase/app'
    import from 'firebase/database'
    const hnservice = hackernews(firebase)

    With Promise

    // get all of stories by types, 'top', 'new', 'best', 'ask', 'show', 'job'
    hnservice.stories('top').then(stories => {})
    // get stories with custom count and page
    hnservice.stories('top', {page: 1, count: 30}).then(stories => {})
    // get a user
    hnservice.user('jl').then(user => {})
    // get a current max item id
    hnservice.maxItem().then(update => {})
    // get a updated items and profiles
    hnservice.update().then(update => {})

    Without Promise

    APIs named to xxxxCached is that support return data immediately but synchronous APIs doesn't do fetch. It only works on cached data that means asynchronous apis alreay has been called or running on watch mode

    hnservice.storiesCached('top').then(stories => {})

    Fetching with Service Worker

    This module supports that running on server-worker. After initialzing in service worker, you can get a data via fetch. To do this, firstly, you must import and initialize both of firebase and hackernews service

    /* global importScripts hackernews */
    hackernews.init(firebase, { watch: true })

    and then you can request a stories via fetch and subpath. see more examples in examples/serice-worker

    const stories = await fetch('./hackernews/top')
    const storiesRes = await stories.json()
 => {
        // manage a story


    init(firebase, [option])

    Returns hackernews service powered by firebase as a single instance

        firebase: `firebase package. refer to usage above`
        options: {
            watch: `true / false, enable watch mode or not`
            log: `log function, ex) console.log`

    APIs for Promise

    stories(type, [options])

    Returns stories with totalLength as an additional info after fetched and cached with options:

    • force: true ? returns stories fetch first, else return cached data if it exist
    • page: returns stories in page by count
    • count: count in a page. default is 50

    items(id[s], [options])

    Returns items by id[s] after fetched and cached with options:

    • force: true ? returns stories cache first, else return cached data after fetch


    Returns profile by id


    Returns recent updates regardless fetched data


    Returnes max item id of latest snapshot on firebase


    Make the service keep listening on the changes of stories. It recommend to use it for desktop application and server side. refer to the example with express.js


    Returns a length of cached items of the target type


    Return cached all of items related to the target id. key is item's id and data will be flatted object list


    Set and get data, on cache directly. It's useful when it comes to hydrate / serialis cache

    APIs for cached data

    Cached APIs returns with data immediately from chached data without fetch and Promise. It would be possible that data is not ready befor you do calll cached APIs

    • storiesCached, identical to stories()
    • itemsCached, identical to items()
    • lengthCached, identical to length() but no promise
    • dataCached, identical to data() but no promise


    MIT © Jimmy Moon


    npm i firebase-hackernews

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