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This library is an implementation of the firebase repository pattern and some helpers to facilitate the work of developers using firebase. - (ts projects only)

Main actions

npm i fire-repo

Table of Contents


Only you need download the code and install the dependencies running the command npm install.


The used libraries are:

Project structure

  • 📁 .github : Contains the github actions configurations.

  • 📁 example : Contains the example of usage from library.

    • ts configuration.ts : Example of configuration.
    • ts index.ts : Example of usage.
  • 📁 helpers : Contains the helpers of library.

    • ts fire-file.helper.ts : Helper to work with firebase files.
    • ts fire-mapping.helper.ts : Helper to mapping the firebase data.
    • ts index.ts : Export the helpers.
  • 📁 models : Contains the models of library

    • ts base.model.ts : Base model.
  • 📁 repositories : Contains the repositories of library

    • 📁 implementations: Contains the implementations of repositories.
    • 📁 interfaces : Contains the interfaces of library.
      • ts index.ts : Export the interfaces.
      • ts read.interface.ts : Interface to read data.
      • ts write.interface.ts : Interface to write data.
    • 📁 types: Contains the types of library.
      • ts filter.type.ts: Type to filter data.
      • ts index.ts: Export the types.
  • 📁 test

    • 📁 helpers: Contains the test of helpers.
    • 📁 repositories: Contains the test of repositories


For use the library in you project you need install the fire-repo library running the command npm i fire-repo and import the library in your project.

import { FireRepository } from "fire-repo";
import { BaseModel } from "fire-repo";

Create your model extending the base model.

class User extends BaseModel {
  name: string;
  email: string;

Create your service class for work with the repository and manage the entity and data.

class UserService extends FireRepository<User> {
  constructor() {
     * @param {initializeApp} firebaseConfiguration firebase configuration
     * @param {string} collection firebase collection "/test"
    super(firebaseConfiguration, collection);


  • add: Create a new entity.
  • update: Update an entity.
  • deleteEntity: Delete an entity.
  • remove: Applied the soft delete a entity.
  • getAll: Get all entities.
  • getOne: Get One entity.
  • getDocId: Get the document id.
  • getCollection: Get the collection.


  • fileUpload: Upload a file to firebase storage.
  • removeFile: Remove a file from firebase storage.
  • toEntityArray: Convert an array of firebase data to an array of entities.
  • getFormateadFirebaseData: Format the retrieved data from firebase. (Date - timestamp)


If you want to contribute to the library you can create a branch in the repository and send a pull request. Remember create great unit tests and documentation updates.


Remember usage this structure:

  • feature/[name]
  • fix/[name]
  • bug/[name]

Report an issuer

If you have an issue or a problem with the library you can report it in the issues


npm i fire-repo

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