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file-manager custom element

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You want a simple file browser for your website, without the hassle of a front-end framework ? Here is a simple custom element for you.

First register the custom element (the lang is infered from the html "lang" attribute)

import {FileManager} from 'filemanager-element'
import 'filemanager-element/FileManager.css'


Then you can simply use your custom element whenever you want

<file-manager endpoint=""></file-manager>

You just have to implement the API following this Open API specification and it will work out of the box.

To interface the editor with your system (for instance when a file is selected) you can simply bind listeners

const filemanager = document.querySelector("file-manager");
filemanager.addEventListener("close", () => {

filemanager.addEventListener("selectfile", e => {
  console.log("fileSelected", e.detail);


Attribute Description Default
endpoint The base url for the file and folder API
readonly Do not allow file deletion or creation false
layout Files layout "rows" or "grid" grid
lazy-folders Should all folder be lazy loaded with a new call to the API false
hidden Work like the default HTML attribute false


Name Description
close The user clicked on the overlay to close the modal
fileselect The use selected a file


Options can be set on the register() method as a second argument. All the options are optional

Name Type Description
readOnly bool Do not allow file deletion or creation
endpoint string Endpoint for the REST API
httpHeaders object Additional headers to send to the endpoint
getFiles() function Custom API to retrieve files
getFolders() function Custom API to retrieve folders
deleteFile() function Custom API to delete file
deleteFolder() function Custom API to delete folder
uploadFile() function Custom API to upload file
createFolder() function Custom API to create folder

Custom API

If you do not use a traditional REST API you can overwrite the method used to fetch the data.

import type {File as FileType, Folder} from 'filemanager-element'

FileManager.register('my-file-manager', {
  getFiles (folder?: Folder): Promise<FileType[]> {
  getFolders (parent?: Folder): Promise<Folder> {
  createFolder (params: Pick<Folder, "parent" | "name">): Promise<Folder> {
  deleteFile (file: FileType): Promise<void> {
  deleteFolder (folder: Folder): Promise<void> {
  uploadFile (file: File, folder: Folder): Promise<Filetype> {


npm i filemanager-element

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