Node.js utility; stupidly-simple recursive / non-recursive project file fetcher.


A node.js utility for automatically loading project files.

Finds files having a specified extension, and passes the full path to the file as the argument to the callback that you provide. Also runs recursively if recursive is true. This allows automated loading of project files according to your own rules.

var filefetcher = require('filefetcher')
var results = []
function store (file) { results.push(file) }
    { path:__dirname+'/1', type:'js', recursive:false, cb:store },
    { path:__dirname+'/2', type:'js', recursive:false, cb:store },
    { path:__dirname+'/3', type:'js', recursive:true,  cb:store }
$ git clone
$ cd filefetcher
$ npm install expect.js
$ npm install -g mocha
$ mocha