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    file-system — Simplified file system


    This module make file opertaion apis simple, you don't need to care the dir exits. and the api is same as node's filesystem. This is no exists time cost for this plugin.

    var fs = require('file-system');
    fs.mkdir('1/2/3/4/5', [mode], function(err) {});
    fs.mkdirSync('1/2/3/4/5', [mode]);
    fs.writeFile('path/test.txt', 'aaa', function(err) {})


    npm install file-system --save



    file extend node fs origin methods, and overwrite some methods with next list chart

    var file = require('file-system');
    var fs = require('fs');
    file.readFile === fs.readFile // true


    The api is same as node's mkdir


    The api is same as node's mkdir


    The api is same as node's writeFile


    The api is same as node's writeFile


    The api equal file-match

    .copyFile(srcpath, destpath, options)

    Asynchronously copy a file into newpath

    • {string} srcpath required
    • {string} destpath required
    • {object} options
      • {string} options.encoding [options.encoding=utf8]
      • {function} options.done(err)
      • {function} options.process(content)
        The process argument must return processed content
    fs.copyFile('deom.png', 'dest/demo.png', {
      done: function(err) {

    .copyFileSync(srcpath, destpath, options)

    The api same as copyFile, but it's synchronous

    fs.copyFileSync('demo.png', 'dest/demo.png');
    fs.copyFileSync('demo.css', 'dest/demo.css', {
      process: function(contents) {
        return contents;

    .recurse(dirpath, filter, callback)

    Recurse into a directory, executing callback for each file and folder. if the filename is undefiend, the callback is for folder, otherwise for file.

    • {string} dirpath required
    • {string|array|function} filter
      If the filter is function, executing callback for all files and folder
    • {function} callback(filepath, filename, relative)
    fs.recurse('path', function(filepath, relative, filename) { });
    fs.recurse('path', [
    ], function(filepath, relative, filename) {  
      if (filename) {
      // it's file
      } else {
      // it's folder
    //  Only using files
    fs.recurse('path', function(filepath, relative, filename) {  
      if (!filename) return;

    filter params description

    .recurseSync(dirpath, filter, callback)

    The api is same as recurse, but it is synchronous

    fs.recurseSync('path', function(filepath, relative, filename) {
    fs.recurseSync('path', ['**/*.js', 'path/**/*.html'], function(filepath, relative, filename) {


    Recurse into a directory, remove all of the files and folder in this directory.


    .copySync(dirpath, destpath, options)

    Recurse into a directory, copy all files into dest.

    • {string} dirpath required
    • {string} destpath required
    • {object} options
      • {string|array} options.filter
      • {function} options.process(contents, filepath, relative)
        If custom the destpath, return object, otherwise return content
      • {string|array} options.noProcess
    fs.copySync('path', 'dest', { clear: true });
    fs.copySync('src', 'dest/src');
    fs.copySync('src', 'dest/src', { filter: ['*.js', 'path/**/*.css'] });
    fs.copySync('path', 'dest', { 
      noProcess: '**/*.{jpg, png}',            // Don't process images
      process: function(contents, filepath, relative) {
        // only process file content
        return contents;
        // or custom destpath
        return {
          contents: '',
          filepath: ''
    //Handler self files
    fs.copySync('path', 'path', { filter: ['*.html.js'], process: function(contents, filepath) {} });


    Deprecated, move to base64


    Deprecated, move to base64Sync


    npm i file-system

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