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    A custom Component that wraps a file input and lets you live bind to its selected files.

    npm version



    npm install file-input-button --save

    You can use any of the builds in the dist folder to meet your project needs.

    Using CanJS's built-in support for StealJS, you can now import the module directly inside your templates. For example:

    <can-import from="file-input-button"/>
    <file-input-button {^files}="uploads" multiple> </file-input-button>
    <ul class="file-upload-list">
      {{#each files}}
        <li class="file">
          <span class="name">{{name}}</span>


    The component wraps a file input and lets you live bind to the selected files. It hides the internal file input and displays a button.

    It is minimally styled and lets you provide an button-class="" html attribute that gets passed directly to the button:

    <file-input-button {^files}="uploads" button-class="btn btn-primary"> </file-input-button>

    By default, the button label says "Select Files", but you can change this using the button-label="" attribute:

    <file-input-button {^files}="uploads" button-label="Pick some files, Y'all!"> </file-input-button>

    You can also supply your own button by using the no-ui attribute. Just make sure you put a fancy click handler that calls the selectFiles() function, like this:

    <file-input-button {^files}="uploads" no-ui>
      <button ($click)="selectFiles()" class="what-evs">My Groovy Custom Button</button>

    And let's not forget, you can use the multiple attribute, just like on any file input:

    <file-input-button {^files}="uploads" multiple> </file-input-button>


    • multiple: Lets you select multiple files in the browser's file picker.
    • no-ui: Let's you turn off the included button so you can provide your own.
    • ($click)="selectFiles()": The required attribute to put on your own button. Used with the no-ui attribute.
    • button-label: Lets you customize the text inside the button.
    • button-class: Lets you set classes directly to the included button.
    • files: The list of files that have been selected. Each time you select more file, this list will grow. Instead of being a simple FileList, this is live-bindable List. The file is wrapped in a can.Map with the same attributes. You can access the actual File object at List[index].file. Each file in the list will look like this:
      size: file.size,
      type: file.type,
      lastModified: file.lastModified,
      lastModifiedDate: file.lastModifiedDate,
      file: file // <--- Here's the actual File object. 


    Pull requests are welcome.


    Built with StealJS


    npm i file-input-button

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