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    Effortless realtime data management for React + Feathers applications. Used in Humaans.


    Idiomatic React Hooks

    Fetch some data with const { data } = useFind('notes') and your components will rerender in realtime as the data changes upstream. Modify the data using the const { patch } = useMutation('notes') and the upates will be instantly propagated to all components referencing the same objects.

    • useGet
    • useFind
    • useMutation

    Live Queries

    Works with Feathers realtime events and with local data mutations. Once a record is created/modified/removed all queries referencing this record get updated. For example, if your data is fetched using useFind('notes', { query: { tag: 'ideas' } }) and you then patch some note with patch({ tag: 'ideas' }) - the query will updated immediately and rerender all components referencing that query. Adjust behaviour per query:

    • merge - merge realtime events into cached queries as they come (default)
    • refetch - refetch data for this query from the server when a realtime event is received
    • disabled - ignore realtime events for this query

    Fetch policies

    Fetch policies allow you to fine tune Figbird to your requirements. With the default swr (stale-while-revalidate) Figbir's uses cached data when possible for maximum responsiveness, but refetches in the background on mount to make sure data is up to date. The other policies are cache-first which will use cache and not refresh from the server (compatible with realtime)

    • swr - show cached data if possible and refetch in the background (default)
    • cache-first - show cached data if possible and avoid fetching if data is there
    • network-only - always refetch data on mount

    Cache eviction

    The usage of useGet and useFind hooks gets reference counted so that Figbird knows exactly if any of the queries are still being referenced by the UI. By default, Figbird will keep all the data and cache without ever evicting, but if your application demands it, you can strategically implement cache eviction hooks (e.g. on page navigation) to clear out all unused cache items or specific items based on service name or data attributes. (Note: yet to be implemnted)

    • manual - cache all queries in memory forever, evict manually (default)
    • unmount - remove cached query data on unmount (if no component is referencing that particular cached data anymore)
    • delayed - remove unused cached data after some time


    Figbird's cache is implemented using the tiny-atom store which comes with a powerful logger. Observe and inspect all the changes to your cache with ease.


    $ npm install figbird

    API Reference

    Visit the documentation site for full API reference.


    • [x] useGet
    • [x] useFind
    • [x] useMutations
    • [x] useFeathers
    • [x] refetch for manual data refetching
    • [x] reuse inflight requests for identical get/find requests
    • [ ] support React Suspense and Concurrent Mode


    • [x] option - custom id field
    • [x] option - custom updatedAt field
    • [ ] option - logger
    • [ ] global realtime option
    • [ ] global fetchPolicy option
    • [ ] global cacheEviction option


    • [x] cache all results and queries
    • [x] live update queries on entity updates
    • [x] realtime mode merge that merges updates into cached entities and query
    • [x] realtime mode refetch that keeps stale data, but refetches from server, useful for complex queries
    • [x] realtime mode disabled to disable realtime updates
    • [x] fetch policy swr (aka, stale-while-revalidate, show cached data, but refetch, the default)
    • [x] fetch policy cache-first
    • [x] fetch policy network-only
    • [ ] cache eviction manual
    • [ ] cache eviction unmount
    • [ ] cache eviction delayed
    • [ ] cache eviction ttl ttl
    • [ ] useCacheEviction - sweep through cache and remove any queries or entities, e.g. clean('notes')
    • [ ] ref counting - do not remove entities/queries if they're actively used


    • [x] useFind - pagination metadata
    • [x] useFind - handle updates to paginated queries
    • [x] useFind - allPages to fetch all pages
    • [ ] useFind - fetchMore
    • [ ] support find without pagination envelope
    • [ ] support find with custom pagination envelope


    • [x] bug: unmounting should not stop listening if other components need to




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