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async view for node, and the web

Fig is a cross-platform view library built for beanpoll, and mesh.

  • To render single-page applications as static websites.
  • Allows search engines to crawl SPA's. No need to write a second, static website.


in your bootstrap script:

var beanpoll = require('beanpoll'),
haba         = require('haba'),
router       = beanpoll.router(),
loader       = haba.loader();
  publicDir: __dirname + "/path/templates"
require(__dirname + "/website.js").

In your website.js script: (TODO)

  'push -pull fig': function() {


The default concrete view class.

Sets the view up with configuration options

Initialization instructions used to load the view. Needed for loading

Called to render the view - display it to the screen.

Called after a view has been rendered.

Call this if anything changes in the view, such as view data. This method calls: render, listen, then updateChildren.

View level accessor.

Adds a child view

Removes all chidren from the view

var views = require('fig').views;
var FigView = views.View({
    * event bindings 
   'bindings': {
       'click #some-button': 'onButtonClick'
    * Sets up the view - called from the constructor
   'override setup': function(options) {
       //called on constructor 
    'override listen': function(options) {
        //listen to stuff 
    'override instructions': function() {
        return this._super().concat('_loadSomeInitData');
   '_loadSomeInitData': function(next) {
        setTimeout(next, 1000);
   'onButtonClick': function() {
       //do stuff 

Item view which hooks up to a remote item viw beanpoll

Collection view which hooks up to a remote collection.

Template view which expects a template file, or template element.

Template + Item view

Template + Collection view

Select Option view (TODO)