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Node.js implementation of the FeedHenry Data Syncronisation Server. To be used in conjunction with the FeedHenry Data Syncronisation Client.


npm install --save fh-sync

This will install the latest version of fh-sync and save the installed version in your package.json

To use sync in your application, require it and call connect.

var sync = require('fh-sync');
var mongodbConnectionString = 'mongodb://';
var redisUrl = 'redis://';
sync.api.connect(mongodbConnectionString, {}, redisUrl, function(){});

To configure a dataset for syncing, wait for the sync:ready event, then init the dataset.

sync.api.getEventEmitter().on('sync:ready', function() {
  console.log('sync ready');
  sync.api.init('myDataset', {
    syncFrequency: 10 // seconds 
  }, function() {});


In order to run the tests, please make sure you have Docker installed.

Before running tests do:

npm install
npm install -g grunt-cli

Then to run the tests use npm test