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fh-db(1) -- The FeedHenry Database access library

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Project Info
License: Apache License, Version 2.0
Build: npm
Issue tracker:
Mailing list: feedhenry-dev (subscribe)
IRC: #feedhenry channel in the freenode network.


This contains the fh.db() layer the works above the mongodb library. It has a Ditch-like interface, with the same actions and parameters


Add fh-db as a dependency to your module and require it where required, like any other npm module


N.B. This guide assumes you have a functional docker-machine.

Start Mongo Server

Start the docker machine for the version of mongo you wish to test:

docker run -d -p 27017:27017 mongo:2.6

Note for docker-machine users

You will need to connect your localhost:27017 to the docker-machine:27017, do this with the following command:

VBoxManage controlvm `docker-machine active` natpf1 "docker-mongo,tcp,,27017,,27017"

In the above docker-mongo is the name of the rule, this is important to remember, in order to remove it when not required.

Remove the above rule as follows:

VBoxManage controlvm `docker-machine active` natpf1 delete docker-mongo

Setup Mongo Database

connect to Mongo:


For MongoDB versions > 3.x

Well, instead of MongoDB 2.6 stated above if you used MongoDB 3.x, you will need to update the authentication to work with fh-db, which is done as follows:

use admin
db.system.version.insert({ "_id" : "authSchema", "currentVersion" : 3 })

Then exit mongo and restart the docker container:

docker stop <container-name>
docker start <container-name>

And reconnect to mongo:


Add the admin user:

use admin
db.createUser({user: 'admin', pwd: 'admin', roles: ['root']})
Test the login:

exit mongo and run:

mongo admin -u admin -p admin

Add the ditchuser

Log in as the admin user, if you are not yet, then run:

use fh-ditch
db.createUser({user: 'ditchuser', pwd: 'ditchpassword', roles: ['dbAdmin']})
Test the login:

Exit Mongo and run:

mongo fh-ditch -u ditchuser -p ditchpassword

Execute the test

grunt fh:unit