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    Simple cli tool that allows to share files between multiple computers over LAN or the Internet


    You can install this package globally, so that it is accessible everywhere in your system.

    npm install -g fget-cli


    This module has two main components: the server and the client. For simplicity's sake (and security's) this module is read-only, meaning that the server only publishes files, but cannot be remotely modified. That is not the purpose of this module.


    First, you have to launch a server and specify the folder(s) that you wish to serve:

    fget serve -p 8099 "C:\Path\To\Folder"


    After the server has been launched, you can download what has been shared by running:

    fget fetch localhost:8099

    Additionally, it is possible to selectivly download only some folders/files by passing their relative path after the command

    fget fetch localhost:8099 "Folder/Subfolder" "Folder/Subfile"

    Note When sharing a folder/file, it's name is still part of what the client will see.


    When in doubt of what will be downloaded, the list command is available.

    fget list localhost:8099
    fget list localhost:8099 "Folder/Subfolder"

    Interactive Mode

    Sometimes it might be desirable to perform several sequential actions in the same server. As such, it can be contrived to use the main commands like fetch, list and find, having to repeat the server ip in all commands. As such, the client has an interactive version that launches a virtual shell that remembers the state between commands.

    fget connect localhost:8099

    This will launch the virtual shell. The commands behave in a similar way to the native ones, minus the server argument. The shell also has the notion of a working (remote) directory and a working local directory, both can be shown/changed with the commands cd and cld, respectively.

    Any relative path used in the fetch, list and find commands will take those working directories into account.

    fget~/> cd Folder
    fget~/Folder> ls

    Is the equivalent of:

    fget~/> ls Folder


    Run --help in order to get a comprehensive list of all available commands and options.

    fget --help
    fget fetch --help


    npm i fget-cli

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