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ESLint for FEW

An eslint plugin for front-end-work-flow

For an introduction to few see front-end-work-flow. This replaces all instances of jscs and jshint with eslint in all workflows. jscs and jshint still exist and can be run manually by using gulp lint-browser or the other built in methods.


$ npm install few-eslint --save-dev

Example gulpfile.js

// Configure plugins
var few = require('front-end-work-flow/gulpfile.js');
// Configure ESLint
few.eslint = {
  rules: {
    strict: [2, 'global']
few.files.node = ['gulpfile.js'];


few.eslintrc - '.eslintrc' - This is the name of eslint config file. few will read this file and use it as a base for your eslint rules.
few.eslint - { rules: {} } - This is a json object that will define your eslint rules.

Note: All rules in few.eslint take priority over few.eslintrc.

To see how to configure eslint, see the eslint user-guide.