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Wrap fetch with retries, timeout, logging, caching, error handling and more

🚧 Work in progress, probably shouldn't be used yet unless you're me or you want to help debug/design 🚧


  1. Transparently wrap fetch. Return functions that can be swapped in for fetch, anywhere.
  2. Work with all fetch implementations (Browsers, undici, node-fetch, minipass-fetch, make-fetch-happen, deno, bun)
  3. Be well-behaved, follow best practices.
  4. Be very small.
  5. Have no dependencies at all - users must even pass their own fetch in.
  6. Be very configurable.
  7. Work anywhere.
  8. Be very flexible. Work with popular tools:
    • zod for parsing
    • pino for logging
    • debug for debugging
    • next for... stuff
    • keyv for caching
  9. Be un-surprising and honest.

Obligatory CommonJS vs ESM stance

I want this to be usable from CommonJS or ESM, and avoid major pitfalls. So, the main export is commonjs, and there's an ESM wrapper which exposes each export. I respect sindresorhus' opinionated-ness but there are many people who are still using CommonJS at time of writing. ESM can import CommonJS too, so the friendlier thing to do - for now, IMHO - is wrap. The default import (require('fetchomatic') or import('fetchomatic') or import {...} from 'fetchomatic') minimises the dual-package hazard by wrapping. Right now, there's no ES Modules JavaScript other than the wrapper file. This might affect things like tree-shaking, but the library is pretty small anyway.


Notes on how this implemented.


It's written in TypeScript, and it's currently using import statements like import {withRetry} from './retry.js'. Then TypeScript compiles it as CommonJS, and then a post-tsc script renames all files from dist/cjs/abc.js to dist/cjs/abc.cjs. Then there's a generate wrapper file, with all the same exports, so that ES Modules users can import the library without using createRequire. There might be OSS libraries that can do some of this automatically.

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