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Fetch the code coverage from an open-source GIT repository, using a variety of well-known coverage services.

Currently supports GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab repositories and checks against Coveralls, Code Climate, Scrutinizer and Codecov.

Feel free to make a PR adding support for another coverage service.


$ npm install fetch-coverage


fetchCoverage(repositoryUrl, options) -> Promise

const fetchCoverage = require('fetch-coverage');
 // `coverage` is a number between 0 and 1 or `null` if there's no code coverage 
.then((coverage) => console.log('Coverage', coverage));

The repositoryUrl is any valid cloneable URL.

Available options:

  • branch: The target branch (only supported in some services)
  • services: The services to fetch from, defaults to all services
  • got: Custom options to be passed to got, defaults to { timeout: 15000 }
  • badges: The badges information gathered by detect-readme-badges which might speed up the fetching process


$ npm test
$ npm test-cov to get coverage report


Released under the MIT License.